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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This video shows a way to transform large water bottles into planters that have a water reserve that is located below the potting soil and separated from the dirt by a pocket of air. The water at the bottom of the planter evaporates and keeps the roots of the plant moist.


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  • Sheds Direct Manchester 3 years ago

    This video could give you somehow a very useful ideas on how to make a very creative and resourceful way of creating a garden planter. I observed that it is very easy to manage that's why I can't wait to create my own planter. Nice video! 

  • Generatorblue Generator blues 3 years ago

    Using cotton is an excellent idea. I think that I will also place some holes on the outside of the planters about one inch above the bottom of the dirt. I will also use cotton in these holes. These side holes will be drainage holes that are needed when it rains too much and the planters fill up. On two occasions, I had to tip the planters to get rid of excess water. With the cotton, I will not have to worry about water vapor escaping through the side holes bypassing the soil at the very top.

  • f freethisone 3 years ago

    a better way is to use cotton rope, snake it through the bottom tube, and coil it up at the bottom.
    fill water at handle so water never touches the dirt. the plants will drink because the rope will wick the water from the bottom reservoir to the dirt section were the roots are. you can always see how much water is needed.

  • Generatorblue Generator blues 3 years ago

    A jumbo bottle of wine like that could last me forever because I do not drink wine. However, there is someone in my house who could empty it quickly. I know that you use the bottle in the brewing process, but now that I think of it, you can easily transform the water cooler into the wine cooler. You are going to need a big label that covers the water company's label. Just buy a truckload of wine and package the wine in 5-gallon water dispenser’s bottles. "Wine cooler" versus "Water cooler"

  • Robert Nurden 3 years ago

    i use them bottles for home brew wine ..but your is a good idea to..

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