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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Things are sprouting and growing more and more every day! Today we take you on a tour of our 2nd year desert garden. Desert Gardening is a challenge, but so rewarding. New Videos Every Monday & Friday – and LIVE CHATS Every Wednesday! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE & hit the notification bell so you never miss a beat. We LOVE hearing from YOU! LIKE SHARE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE Find us on: IG | SimpleLifeReclaimed Email: Music from Youtube Studio & www.Bensound .com #desertgarden #deserthomestead #desertgardentour Video Rating: / 5 Photo montage of the Desert Garden at The Huntington in San Marino, California. Video Rating: / 5


  • R G Homestead 5 months ago

    sorry for the delay in your videos but my lap had corvid 19 virus just kidding It did go belly up but I am up and running again. growing in the AZ desert is a challenge that's for sure. your grow house looks great and the usage of the watering is max its usage. keep it up and have a great day as well

  • Bobs Adventures on Wheels 5 months ago

    You won the roast challenge

  • NarrowWay Farm 5 months ago

    The reason the iceberg lettuce isn't balling up is because the heat. It will taste the same just won't ball up.

  • Pople BackyardFarm 5 months ago

    Nice tour

  • On An Even Keale 5 months ago

    Everything is looking really good. I think the lettuce will start to ball naturally once it grows a little more, if I remember right. It's been a long time since we did iceberg lettuce though.

  • Holland's Heroes 5 months ago

    The only thing i know about strawberries is that you do not let the plant fruit the first year pull off the flowers so it can make a good root system and it will come back next year and produce more fruit. As far as the lettuce that is what mine looks like to no ball maybe it is our heat? Good luck with the watermelon i know it needs a lot of water and i have not been able to grow it yet. Okra and squash are pretty easy to grow just harvest them as soon as you think you can and they both keep growing all the way in to fall. Everything looks sooo good you guys are doing amazing! Much love keep up the great work.

  • Highland Homesteading 5 months ago

    Subscribed! We are up a mile high in the desert highlands of central AZ.

  • Blissful Acres Off Grid Homestead 5 months ago

    Love your garden! So far my mint, Italian parsley are great. Even have 3 baby yellow squash and oh my gosh!!! My artichokes are getting big!!! Keep growin' my friends!!!

  • O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead 5 months ago

    Cool idea with recycling water from top to bottom.
    Great vlog. 12 out of10

  • Christen's World Outdoors 5 months ago

    You are so pretty and the garden looks great.

  • High Desert Homestead 5 months ago

    The garden looks great. I miss greens, in the spring we used to eat a lot of salads, my favorite it cucumbers and tomatoes with fresh ranch. Good job.

  • P&G 86445 5 months ago

    It looks beautiful! I agree, begin harvesting your spinach and your herbs when needed. If this heat trend continues, chances are the spinach will bolt early, so don’t be shy. My bok choy bolted already, so I gotta pull mine and try again in fall. Total flop.  

    The heads will form on your lettuce soon, be patient. However, lettuce is a cool weather crop, so don’t be surprised if the heat stunts them. If you find that they are struggling or beginning to taste bitter, go ahead and harvest the entire plant. Better to have it young than not at all. I didn’t get any lettuce this Spring even though I seeded in early February.

    Your summer plants should do well. Tips on okra: they get big. Plan to stake them. Also, harvest when pods are small… 2-3”. They become almost inedible if too large. It is actually the flower pod that you’ll be harvesting, so get it young and often.

    Squash is easy. It takes care of itself. Harvest early when small and often. Watermelon get long vines, so expect that. Sugar Baby watermelons? My bush green beans are just coming up, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the 95 degree heat stays always for another few weeks. Last year, my pole beans never set fruit.. too hot by the time they reached maturity.

    You’re doing great!! Keep giving it your love and attention and harvest as soon as you can. Especially the cooler weather veggies as the end of May is about all they can take heat wise.

  • James Glenn 5 months ago

    When you up-pot tomatoes, bury the stems right up to the lowest leaves. The more stem in the soil, the more roots they'll grow. ❤

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