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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I think it has been over 2 weeks since I’ve shown you around. There is much to see, come along! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She’s a Realtor and he is a Medical Equipment Tech and they raise her 12 year old son Riley in southern Arizona, her 10 year old son Konnor lives in Arkansas with his Dad. To us living life to the fullest is of utmost importance! That pertains to always learning, always traveling, exploring everything we can, homeschooling, techie toys, home Science projects and most often you will see travel adventures of Elizabeth’s gardening adventures and projects while she attempts to learn how to grow food and help plants thrive in the Sonoran Desert, while repairing the soil life using sunken beds and Back to Eden style deep mulch practices! Permaculture is also a huge part of what is happening on the farm! They raise silkie hens (maybe more in the future) and have 2 rescue dogs, Max & Bella! Come along for the ride, we love to share! *********************************** **I use my LG V10 cell phone to record most videos and here used my Nikon tripod. *********************************** ↓↓↓ CHECK US OUT IN OTHER PLACES ↓↓↓ Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: elizabethhuskeyrealtor Video Rating: / 5


  • Granny Grunt 1 year ago

    I lived in Phoenix for a year back in 1980. I didn't try growing anything, but the Bottlebrush bush is lovely. I found, coming from the Kansas City, Missouri area [East of], that what they call trees in Phoenix, are bushes where I came from [and Mountains are hills]. Just like, where I live now {Western Oklahoma], they call anything short of 60 mph air movement a breeze. I called it wind, silly me. Anyway, I say 'take advice from people that live in your climate'. If they don't, they really don't know what works.
    Back in 1980 I found it funny that people moved there maybe because they wanted to get away from what they were allergic to. Then I guess they missed the familiar, and planted grass lawns [and other plants] then irrigated the whole thing so it would grow. So the allergens were all around them once again. City folks didn't have gardens. If they were outside, they were only going from their air conditioned homes to their air conditioned cars to go to their air conditioned work or to the pool [that was warm as bathwater] in the back yard.
    You have already done more than any of them [or me, for that matter]. I hope you are very successful. I promise not to comment on all of your videos, but I do plan on watching a bunch.

  • Nearly Organic Noshing 1 year ago

    My cowpeas, did the same thing. I dried, and saved them for next years seed.

  • Daniel Boulton 1 year ago

    Garden is looking good and look forward to your up coming projects.

  • Lee Golder 1 year ago

    The bottle brush is a native of Australia. It should do well as you have a similar climate. Australian native plants do not like much fertilizer. Once established, it will require not much watering.

  • Micah Keillor 1 year ago

    looking good. you can get little bamboo skewers for making kabobs and tie you snap peas to them and lean them towards your lattice. if your looking for a quick fix. Just an idea though, good luck!

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