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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] January 2020 and on! Then Covid-19 hit. Experiencing the joy of gardening. Timely, unexpected moments. Life is precious. Growth is a miracle 🙏 Growth when you least expect it, in the most inhospitable environment. And I suppose as Christians, that’s how we ought to be- grow in unlikely circumstances, but still persisting on the upward way 🙂 Honestly, this is more for personal filing/documenting progress than for public entertainment purposes: But I’m happy if it satisfies both. I do not own the copyrights to this music. Be Still My Soul by David Nevue I Remember Well by Fernando Ortega And a few others I will list shortly~ Mirage by Chris Haugen (the Youtube Audio Library free music) Desert Caravan by the Youtube Audio Library free music Disclaimer: I’m not good at videoing. I tried using In-Shot this time. Before, I used to use Google photos which would make vids automatically, and you can edit some. Problem is the Google app has one loud song continuously replaying. But I tried with In-Shot this time. Video Rating: / 5


  • Mary Coursey 5 days ago

    Nice job!! And how awesome that you saved some of Sunizonas tomato seeds. Makes me miss Arizona! Thanks for sharing.

  • Layhing Siu-Munro 5 days ago

    Looks so beautiful!

  • Filho de YHWH 5 days ago

    Yauh Bless You

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