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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Desert Gardens Rock Gem and Mineral Show 2019 – Quartzsite AZ Checkout the 2019 Desert Gardens Rock and Gem show located on Kuehn Ave about a half mile from Tyson Wells Showgrounds. Huge selection of Rocks and minerals from allover the world. Full Time RV Living In a Class A Motorhome. Come along on my travels exploring the RV Lifestyle and Living a RV Life. SUBSCRIBE to watch more RV Travel Videos! HELP SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL !! RVerTV AMAZON STORE… RVerTV T-Shirts AVAILABLE !! : SUPPORT RVerTV For Free! Click Here : LET’S CONNECT!: Facebook … Twitter… FREE Pictures: “” RVerTV Website…. : Music By: On The Way Home – 126ers You Tube Audio Library Maps Provided by Google Reusing Or Redistributing Videos From The “RVerTV” Channel Must Have Permission From RVerTV Productions Thanks for watching RVerTV….. Full Time RV Living and Video Photography… #rvlifestyle #rvlivingfulltime#rvlife#rvertv


  • Jake Day 1 year ago

    Wow that was fun Russ. Rocks are amazing. What on earth would anyone do with that HUGE piece of amethyst. J

  • HaulinAndersons 1 year ago

    Hey Russ!! Kathy and I love the videos! Planning on hitting up Quartzsite next year!! What Camera did you use for the Desert Gardens part? Is is a Go Pro? The audio is great! Thanks Andy and Kathy

  • Gerald Donaghy 1 year ago


  • Baby Blue Travel 1 year ago

    I see no attraction in rocks…but to each his own! I find it kind of funny that anyone would pay $25 for a bucket of rocks when you can go out to blm land and scoop up some rocks for free. Again, to each his own.

  • 7 Design Studios 1 year ago

    So is this the BIG rock and gem show? I have never been before and I am planning on going next weekend. Thx

  • Ce Ce Cox 1 year ago

    Hi Russ! Yes, in S.C. We’ve had very chilly weather. I’m located in the Upstate near the N.C. State line.
    N.C. has had some snow! Love to see your traveler vids!

  • Peter Davila 1 year ago

    Russ, with the limited living space for most RVers, who's buying the rocks at the show?

  • Buck Reynolds 1 year ago

    thanks Russell

  • Angie Dyer 1 year ago

    Hello! Who owns the DR land? Vendors just stop and sell? What about the permanent buildings? My fav rocks are diamonds! Interesting video!

  • Boregard Rippy 1 year ago

    Love Desert Gardens Show Grounds..!!..TY Russ….funny though that theres not gold nuggets for sale…KC..!!

  • Taz Mod 1 year ago

    I have to live where there are trees. Thanks for another video.

  • Susan Stevens 1 year ago

    Another great video! Everyone of your videos are so interesting and informative. Thanks!

  • Taz Mod 1 year ago

    I wonder if these people really make a living selling the “rocks”. Oregon has a lot of places to search for different type of rocks. Even gold.

  • Kieran Shepherd 1 year ago

    I’m heading to the big Tucson Mineral and Fossil show in a few days….should have included Quartzite in my travel plans too….next time…

  • Sewspcl 1 year ago

    Thanks Russ!! I will go back into town to catch this!

  • Sharon Wignot 1 year ago

    Russ, We are left wondering what do people do with those types of rocks and minerals….you mention polishing and grinding….but to what end…???

  • Lance Eastridge 1 year ago

    Great video thanks for sharing Russ safe travels take care Lance and Evelyn

  • Arne Carlsson 1 year ago

    Lapidary ??

  • We are freezing here in Southern Ontario. Great video Russ, Rock On brother! Cheers!!!

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