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  • Dustin Weller 3 months ago

    @LZTSK12 Actually, that was a bit to big for that size of snake. Still acceptable, but on the larger side of the scale of what should be fed.

  • Orry Martin 3 months ago

    You can have integrades between between a desert king and a california king, hence the name a California-Desert Kingsnake. That is most definitely a Cali king though. No mottling at all

  • triadblues 3 months ago

    looks like a cali king snake to me

  • Tigerbarb202 3 months ago

    feed that thinga hopper nothing that big

  • Travis Sills 3 months ago

    You need to get a set of tongs and pre kill the mouse or else your snake is going to end up getting bitten or scratched, and get an infection or something of the sort..

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