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  • TheStudyDog 7 years ago

    That is a? breathtakingly beautiful garden.

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    It is very beautiful. There is another nice garden in Anza Borrego Desert’s? Visitor Center.

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tip!?

  • iampeeay01 7 years ago

    This kind of landscaping brings me? closer to nature.. the cactus the trees they are so amazing. 🙂

  • elsteviolee 7 years ago

    Great video. I would recommend Tassel Bush if you are planning to landscape a garden or a park in this kind? of area. It gives protection and shade and it adds wonderful texture. You gotta have texture. To get effective texture pick a theme that is both functional and attractive.

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    You’re welcome! Glad? it was useful!

  • Tillerknavs 7 years ago

    This video has? changed my life!

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    Awesome! I’m glad this video finally? came in handy for someone!

  • chikenkik98 7 years ago

    Hey thanks i needed this for? my homework 😀

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    I agree.? You really need a full day or two to soak everything up. The Oasis is really cool!

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago


  • kylejames1988 7 years ago

    We visited the Living Desert 3x this year. You really do get? a better feel for it on return trips. I don’t recall seeing the Oasis before this year and it was almost liking being in an outdoor a/c room 🙂

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    Interesting! I would love to visit Greece someday. It seems very beautiful,? and I love the food!

  • Harry Kudunas 7 years ago

    I would like to visit this place some day. I like much plants. Desert plants are common in Greece because the climate is dry and hot. For? example Agave is a common plant here, as well as Yucca.

  • YoungMoney835 7 years ago


  • lostboyswerd 7 years ago

    :41 ? nice

  • CaliforniaTravelTips 7 years ago

    Thanks, Tim! You always have such kind words. It’s funny

  • AsktheBuilder 7 years ago

    No way,? a real oasis! Makes sense that it would result from a geological feature that forces water to the surface. I discover something amazing with each of your videos. Keep up the great work Veronica!