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  • Jacques Desjardins 5 months ago

    Great video Steve. You showed ants coming in or out of the hole that your tripod made…..Don't you get scared of them when you lay down in the sand???

  • Scott Jung 5 months ago

    Haha… gotta get some In And Out! California staple right there.

  • SubSailorFl1 5 months ago

    Always look forward to your trips, today was no exception. Thanks.

  • Stephen Milner 5 months ago

    Hey, what a magnificent video. Keep up the good work! I look forward to your next video.

  • Don Geesler 5 months ago

    I find balloons in the Adk. Mountains of NY every year. Another dirty habit.

  • Ian Brown 5 months ago

    You are so lucky your drive thru's are still open – Like the image of the Corona !!!

  • Rich Proctor 5 months ago

    Love it! Thanks for cranking out the videos. I know that I need them more than ever!!!

  • John Drummond 5 months ago

    New drinking game for your landscape videos: every time you say "Artsy-fartsy".

  • Randy Bocksnick 5 months ago

    STEVE– I've been watching you for years now! To me you seem like one of nicest human beings on this earth and you have your beautiful sweetie you can share your life with! Life is Good!! Randy B.

  • Wildlife Patrol 5 months ago

    Okay I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you are at the dunes out near the Glamis ATV area off of the I-8 near Yuma? One of my favorite dunes is the Mesquite dunes in Death Valley though…No ATVs there lol…

    I just did a photo shoot 2 days ago with some wild burros out here in Arizona! I will send you one! Anyways, I’m traveling in my motorhome with my new Sony 200-600 and a Vortex Razor spotting scope heading towards Jackson Hole / Yellowstone for the remainder of the year! Hoping COVID19 will flatten out sooner than later! Gunner

  • David Dowling 5 months ago

    You found the Corona,good job.

  • John Leftwich 5 months ago

    Love your stuff Steve. Keep cranking it.

  • Cesar M 5 months ago

    Hey Steve really love all your videos. Can't wait to see more. Enjoy your time with your wife and nature. What camera do you use to shoot your videos? You and your family stay safe.

  • Juan Arroyo 5 months ago

    Awesome video at this time of crisis ,,on the weekends i take a nice drive in the morning early when theres no one around n do my photography at the same time im being super safe after a few hours i head home it feels good !! thanks for the video n the stunning photographs ..stay safe n GOD BLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pat keen 5 months ago

    Thanks for "crankin them out". They are appreciated during this lockdown! First time I've ever enjoyed watching someone's feet being filmed while they're walking. kudo's

  • Del Higgins 5 months ago

    Nice video!! I like the abstract with the branch and textures!

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