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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I was bored, so this time I tried making a desert kind of a landscape using Trapcode Mir, I had no idea how to actually make it, but I somehow did eventually 😛 Video Rating: / 5


  • kINGSTON l33t 4 years ago

    ты русский:?

  • Animerge 4 years ago

    Well…. for me the frequency can be turned down so it's not too noisy. But well, everyone has their own taste, hehe XD

  • GuncaPMV 4 years ago

    A quick tip for those who use Trapcode Mir. It does not support classic Camera Depth Of Field built in After effects. You have to make your own Alpha Map and then add, f.e, camera lens blur effect. Then you need to add the DOF Map to it and then you can experiment further with the scene.

  • Melsarion 4 years ago

    I remember when I fooled around with mir.
    I got something cool, tried to make it something useful, failed, got something bad, never tried again x)

  • Kaitain 01 4 years ago

    achja und sound würde mir noch gefallen sonst wäre das zu klinisch

  • Kaitain 01 4 years ago

    mhm sieht ja schon mal sehr geil aus aber vllt langsamer wenn du durch +den "tunnel" gehst glaube das kommt nnoch besser

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