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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Request by Skippman. Had quite a difficult time drawing a desert scene. Never done anything like before. Took me well over 2 hours to produce this. Used many… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Gary Garrett 8×10 acrylic commissioned painting on stretched canvas time lapse (speed painting) desert mountain scene painted from emailed photo, 9-08-2007. …

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  • Debra-Ann Walker 7 years ago

    ok thanks

  • TylersArtShack 7 years ago

    Brushes don’t really help with blending them because the oil pastel is quite thick and pasty. Blending stumps that would normally be used for pencil blending really work well? for them.

  • Debra-Ann Walker 7 years ago

    is that oil pastels your using? does brushes? make it blend well?

  • TylersArtShack 7 years ago

    Yep, that was my first time attempting that and I was not? prepared for it haha. I gave it a shot though.

  • 3ibful 7 years ago

    the horse looks? funny

    good job

  • carlosmiller1989 7 years ago

    tyler i well like you to? draw me whales

  • shinyspartan 7 years ago

    Hooommee? on Le Range, nice stuff dude

  • Fran Tastic 7 years ago

    Do you have? any guidelines when using oil pastel with regular? I’ve been using regular pastels and just starting to experiment with the oil one. Totally different!

  • TheSketcher1234 7 years ago

    Can you do? a sketching tutorial with this picture (or something similar)? Please get back to me soon! Thanks.

  • MrM00nst3r 7 years ago

    three legs lol?

  • QMTOGR 7 years ago

    You just taught me how to draw clouds properly,? thanks 🙂

  • rickigr40 7 years ago

    loved? this ur pretty good with colors

  • Ken Cantor 7 years ago

    so amazing!!!it really inspires me watching all your vids…teach me please..

  • Ken Cantor 7 years ago

    so amazing!!!it really inspires me? watching all your vids…teach me please..hehe

  • TylersArtShack 7 years ago

    Yeah, It was one of those things that? I thought would look really cool but it just did not work out.

  • Gabriel Becerra 7 years ago

    you should do the horse better? next time

  • ChineseCalligraphy 7 years ago

    This was pleasant to see. I dont see many work like this. I? am not too sure how it ws done, chalk pencil water or hard brushes. It isnt my field. But it was pleasant to see the outcome regardless.
    Well done.

  • TylersArtShack 7 years ago

    Hey!, its a mix of Sennelier oil pastels and regular pastels, Derwent pencil pastels, Prisma Color, and some old cheap pastels? I have. Its a pretty big mix.

  • katcute097 7 years ago

    HI THERE!? I love your work so much.
    what brand of pastel did you used there?

  • skippman84 7 years ago

    thank u very much is? so beautiful!

  • TerminalThirteen 7 years ago

    Pure. Pwnage.? It’s amazing!

  • TylersArtShack 7 years ago

    Thanks, like i have said in the past, its always a pleasure hearing from you. Since I will not be around at all next week im uploading 2 more videos right now.? One is an oil painting and the other is an Ink drawing. I did them both quite a while ago and i was saving them for situations where i could not come up with new content. You will enjoy them.

  • henrycems 7 years ago

    I love the contrast between the sky and the sand. I have a few reference photos like that I may try it in watercolor or pastels or maybe both. You did a great job with this my friend.
    You are indeed a very talented artiest who will get even better with time and I can’t wait to see? the results.

  • JohnnyNCindy 7 years ago

    Hi Gary, I just stumbled on this video while looking for some ideas. I’m not an artist and I’m trying to decide if I may do one myself or buy one that 8 ft long and 1

  • Mic Micson 7 years ago

    Nice? work!

  • Zenebatos 7 years ago

    amazing how a simple reply earns so? much respect and shuts up the other’s mouth immediately!!

  • sameshitdiffass 7 years ago

    you make? it look sooo easy but it really isnt…

  • ELPaso1990TX 7 years ago

    Awesome painting! Could this also? be done using the ‘Bob Ross’ technique?

  • Cristian English 7 years ago


  • ELPaso1990TX 7 years ago

    This is awesome well painted!? Great sage bush scene.

  • dontbackup 7 years ago

    I lived 30 years in the desert and this painting reminded me of home; hiking in the mountains. You can feel both the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the landscape. Great job!! ?

  • Kathryne Cutler 7 years ago

    this was sooooo beautiful? <3 thank you for allowing us to see it 🙂

  • EganRoegner64 7 years ago

    Dowwnload the audio from this tune at speedyconversion doht cohm.?

  • ioriorioriorio 7 years ago

    Nice job…I like the reflected? colors in the shadows on the right

  • tony nguyen 7 years ago

    Very nice? video!

    Thanks? for sharing

  • Soku Massimo 7 years ago

    i liked it alot and i love the sky the most? it looks neverending



  • Mythbastards 7 years ago

    Great work and looks very realistic!?

  • p3t3rize 7 years ago

    verrrrry nice?

  • MrOutofthis 7 years ago

    nice job,kinda? reminds me of the wadis of iraq.

  • ArtMonkeyWorld 7 years ago

    This is a lovely piece and I very? much enjoyed watching it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • hodown 7 years ago


  • AtomicNicky 7 years ago

    i’ve just snuck onto my son’s youtube account because I REALLY wanted to comment – can’t believe the last person’s comment – I’ve been painting for 20 years – sold hundreds of pieces – LOVED what you did – I expect they may make a habit of making that comment to as many artists as they can in one day on youtube. It truly is just beautiful – your mountains are? brilliant.

  • GaryGarrett 7 years ago

    each to his own my friend, God? bless you, and thanks for watching

  • Cre8iveSignWorks 7 years ago

    nice painting? gary
    love all your videos

  • Tony Cobb 7 years ago

    Not bad Gary but you’ve got a long way to go before? you’re as good as the great Bob Ross imho

  • ithinkiminlove123 7 years ago

    I loved it! That was awesome! 5 stars!?

  • simos simon 7 years ago


  • drawingfan12363 7 years ago

    ur amazing?