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  • galingkotalaga 7 years ago

    that’s your backyard, you can do whatever you want. HOA is only concerned with the frontyard. However, HOA wants the backyard’s dirt covered with rocks or grass. You can make raised beds on the wall side coz digging is a pain. I grow tomatoes,? eggplant and peppers in my backyard but I had to put covers on peppers coz they easily wilt with high temp.

  • dubargd 7 years ago

    Hey, you need to build some raised beds with? compost. take a look at my raised beds.

  • TheTubeTempest 7 years ago

    OHH IM so excited i have? some watermelons growing and I will freak out if I get one like that.

  • blenellchaney 7 years ago

    Luv yellow watermelon, alway so sweet.? I wished I could see when you cut it open, opening a melon is always exciting , I don’t know why but it is

  • Irishgirl41 7 years ago

    diatomatious earth is good for pesticide

  • Irishgirl41 7 years ago

    to stop mold and fungus add a 2 tbsps of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water when you water the plants, it will kill the mold and fungus off and oxygenate the soil? for the plant

  • BillyBones139 7 years ago

    Awesome! I live in a HOA? community in Las Vegas, so I have to limit my garden to the back yard. It’s wonderful you’re teaching your children how to grow food. :0)