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  • toxictabasco 4 years ago

    Excellent Video?

  • Lukas Arnold 4 years ago

    nice video! it helps me a lot!?

  • TheVlinder1957 4 years ago

    Great video, you really know how to explain things :)?

  • Syd F. 4 years ago

    What software are you using in this video??

  • Daniel Obrien 4 years ago

    you criticise your work to much?

  • Jon Paul 4 years ago

    Great vid, also, if you hold down shift while drawing a line in ps it makes it straight :D?

  • Sam Doherty 4 years ago

    love the theme music, what's the name of it??

  • Tonywization 4 years ago

    Excellent informative tutorial thank you.?

  • Phil Limbacher 4 years ago

    composition 5:55?

  • Richard Simmons 4 years ago

    Interesting. The Earlier photo showed the horse sideways but doesn't really make any difference. But light in subject Photo Amazing?

  • Eren Alkan 4 years ago

    i think one of the most critical element is editing.. with a great editing you can turn a very boring photo in to a dramatically amazing photo.?

  • Rockport TwentySeven 4 years ago

    nice shot. why should we worry about WB? were you not shooting in RAW??

  • Nils Kahle 4 years ago

    F11-14 wouldn't give you noticeable less DOF, but more detail.?

  • Luke Huang 4 years ago

    Definitely need to move the camera up a little bit and zoom in. Could put camera closer to the ground. That's a technique I use.?

  • Richard T 4 years ago

    Hi, your video also emphasizes the need to wait for great light as shown by the picture you took 5 minutes before and the video you made after. It's all about the light and when you combine great light with a great subject, magic can happen.?

  • Great landscapes photos are shots that don't require a trip to areas like the one in your photo that do 80% of the work. Anyone can take a great shot in that area with some basic knowledge.?

  • Dave Casey 4 years ago

    I disagree with your opinions. The shot would have been better served if you had expanded your shot to include the river in the bottom left. It is too abrupt. Sliced if you will. It doesn't lead or flow through the image. Your videos are great BTW.?

  • EpicAerial 4 years ago

    Awesome photography tips! I also love to be in the mountains and would travel back to Peru (which I visited in 2003) in a second! Bolivia has some great mountain scenery as well, I backpacked in the highly recommended (yet very remote) Cordillera Apolobamba and got to see an Andean Condor soar by at close range?

  • Jason Lea 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video, when you zoomed in a couple of times it became quite evident that dropping the horizon to the lower third and cutting out a lot of the foreground gave a much more satisfying picture (for me). It seems that there is not a lot going on in the foreground so very little is lost by cropping it. Either way a wonderful picture. Thanks for the tips!?

  • Philipp Arendt 4 years ago

    Man, that video was so good. I'm watching lots of videos on photography, but you just nail it. Thanks man!?

  • Steven Fergus 4 years ago

    I'm glad your channel popped up on recommended videos! I really enjoy learning about the thought process that other photographers go through before they press the shutter button. I sometimes concentrate too much on the rule of thirds and don't pay enough attention to everything else you mentioned in the video. This video just goes to show how important timing and patience is. The photograph itself is beautiful, I would love to see a video on how you edited it from the RAW file.

    I've checked out a lot of your other videos and the content is superb. Thumbs up! ?