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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I LOVE THIS TREE! The Desert Museum Palo Verde (Cercidium x ‘Desert Museum’) is honestly one of my all-time favorites. It’s got such incredible characteristics…the trunk is a lime green color and has an amazing branching structure making this tree one of the more unique drought tolerant Southwestern natives. It has a long lasting bloom period from Spring to Summer and can go with many different design styles such as mid-century modern, Southwestern, Mediterranean, and California native. Use it has an accent tree, for shade, or in the parkway/median. It stays fairly small, only getting to about 25 feet tall and wide. It’s got incredible low water requirements, AND!…this Palo Verdy is thornless! Please feel free to hit me with any questions or comments about this amazing tree. Always happy to help. Happy Planting! Dominic @budgetplants — Shop for Cercidium Desert Museum, Palo Verde here: __ Music Credits: Original music by Dominic Masiello Good Vibes Only My Buddy Mike Purple People Tweeter New Wave Sound Video Rating: / 5


  • Aron 1 year ago

    the green trunk of the paloverde actually photosynthesizes, the thin leave structure and the roundness of the of the trunks photosynthesizing reduces the impact of the sun on the tree, helping this tree grow in desert climates naturally, which is also why so much light goes through the tree because of its ability to stay out of the hot sun.

  • MC Vu 1 year ago

    more videos on CA native plants plzzzzz! Thanks! ☺️

  • dude 57 arizona 1 year ago

    My son is allergic to Palo Verde tree

  • Scott Aubel 1 year ago

    I just sprouted two of them. I also have over 40 honey mesquite sprouted.

  • LoriLori Hallelujah 1 year ago

    Great video! Maybe you can help me? I’m going to be planting 3 of these (multi-stem) in a row, in my side yard, each between the fence and a path. I don’t have a lot of space so how close can I plant them to the path? 3’ ???

  • Christopher Stevenson 1 year ago

    Great video and details about how to use this species, but have to disagree a bit about use as a shade tree. Since it doesn't have leaves….but right on in all other aspects. Nicely done video. Keep it up.

  • Local Customer 1 year ago

    Your videos are awesome you need more subscribers!!

  • Buffalo Lodge 1 year ago

    A fabulous tree! Planting six 24" X 24" boxed Desert Museum Palo Verdes today around my property. They look fabulous and greatly enhances my Sonoran inspired landscape. The Sonoran Desert is the most beautiful place on earth!

  • Martyna Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Your right this tree is amazing!

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