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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Created on July 16, 2010 using FlipShare. HOW TO GROW A CACTUS AND SUCCULENT PLANTS!!! (Desert Plant Adaptations) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT Objective: To understand how desert plants are able to survive … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • wjmortician 7 years ago

    This is? a stupid video.

  • TheVitaoBR 7 years ago

    It’s? easier in Minecraft lol

  • yoshigoyoshi01 7 years ago

    Why just put potting mix but not potting soil?? O_o

  • yoshigoyoshi01 7 years ago

    1:21-1:30 LOL xD?

  • KSATica 7 years ago

    🙂 hilarious video to watch and educational in? some way 🙂

  • joshuacentro2 7 years ago

    your so cool!!! i? wish i can be ur friend! whats your name in facebook?????

  • Paul Garcia 7 years ago

    get a freaking tripod?

  • gmodyoutubr32 7 years ago

    also are you? high?

  • gmodyoutubr32 7 years ago

    how did i get hear? from 5 second films?

  • TheChrabaszcz 7 years ago

    kurwa? co ja ogl?dam

  • barterer124 7 years ago

    i think you hud? play minecraft, it has mods that make it look real
    after you play it, youll never see a circle again….

  • Razor Heart 7 years ago

    @Socoolscienceshow keep up the unnotitist jokes chris love ur show? ur so hot ;D

  • paideguinha 7 years ago

    What did you say? at 1:30?

  • Bostonian7799 7 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks Chris!?

  • Sexalize 7 years ago

    Obviously you’ve never? played Minecraft

  • Bostonian7799 7 years ago

    Hey Chris! I enjoyed the video, but I have a quick question. Why don’t you? want to give it direct sunlight right away? Just too strong?

  • Deg Adiean 7 years ago

    hilarious! ?

  • argstudio 7 years ago

    great? stuff!


  • Razor Heart 7 years ago

    @socoolscieceshow and no one likes a lil prick…….THATS WAT SHE SAID BAHAHAHAHAHA?

  • TheRoman200 7 years ago

    I already? grow a cactus at home 😀

  • norchaaa 7 years ago

    that cactus? looks like P***S 😀

  • TheWwweee 7 years ago

    5th? comment

  • HalloweenClub 7 years ago

    oh man that was hilarous? chris definetly 5* vid THUMBS UP 🙂 Im gunna go grow a cactus now 😀

    ps hows your hand feel – 3:51

  • tfan0 7 years ago

    I tested my desert plant about like 3 years ago!

    they were like small cactuses and they look? wiked kewl to look at! 😀