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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Hiiiiiii!!! Back again for another LIVE Plant Shopping trip and this time we are at San Gabriel Nursery in guess where, San Gabriel, CA haha (still in LA County). Saw some amazing desert plants here, also, a Begonia Luxurians that I have never seen IRL before, it was gorg!!!!! We also bumped into an old friend Miguelito who use to take me to the back part of the store where lots of plants were hidden hehe!!! He’s so funny you have to see him!! REMINDER: This is a LIVE so quality is not going to be the very best, I understand if you’d rather see a different video!! I’ve got lots of em!!!! haha THANK YOU SO MUCH! Video Rating: / 5


  • Sharina Tallada 1 month ago

    HEY REPLAY FOLKS: FYI THIS WAS A LIVE!!! MEANING IT HAPPED EARLIER TODAY…….LOL I'm not doing this at the time you are watching this and YEP IT'S going to be imperfect BUT STILL FUN AF!!!! REMINDER: To just HAVE FUN with whatever you do, and to make it even more fun, BRING OTHERS ALONG!!! (which is why I go LIVE!!!!) hahah so any issues with quality/signal/conversations, I have a MESSAGE for you! DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN GO AND WATCH A DIFFERENT VIDEO??!!!!?? LOVE U XOXO!

  • Shelley Britton 1 month ago

    The Begonia Luxuriens looks amazing!!!

  • Kate Ayeras Garcia 1 month ago

    I love this!!! he is as funny as you are. Perfect couple.

    If interested please watch my relaxing Kitchen Plant tour.

  • Jo Smith 1 month ago

    Thanks for the tour. Miguel was funny.

  • Twisty Sunshine 1 month ago

    Love these plant tours!

  • Miguel! Lol!

  • Rachel Castillo 1 month ago

    Hi! Do you have a video on Ficus traingularis veragated?

  • PHOTOSYNTHENESS 1 month ago


  • Hoya Honey Dew 1 month ago

    Omg I need a Wax Ivy!!!! Omg !!!!!

  • Hoya Honey Dew 1 month ago

    I love your LIVES!!! These videos make my day!!! That first plant, Gluaca??!! Haha I have no idea. But it’s AWESOME! Exotic! You better have picked it up!

    Girl you are the best! You are an inspiration!!!

  • Martha Miriam 1 month ago

    I missed the live streaming but that was hilarious!!!!

  • gaurav choudhary 1 month ago

    I like you mask
    It's handmade mask??

  • dlovesyoutube 1 month ago

    Ya girl cannot do desert plants. My mans loves watering the plants ALLLLLL the time and waters them equally… I am always getting mad at him about it! lol smh… I'm about to trade my mans for Miguelito!!!! He's so cute!!

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