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  • Gabby Acosta 1 year ago

    Hi Christine, im glad you moved the sectional, the first position you put it was giving me anxiety. Looks awesome.

  • Abbie Hussar Abbisaurusrex 1 year ago

    Fairy lights would look so cool draped over the cactus skeleton! 🙂

  • theresa jurrus 1 year ago

    Your place is looking so nice. I am in love with the floor lamp. $45 for your furniture is amazing. I just shipped a vegie bullet back to hsn from Ohio to ca. And it costs more than that. The furniture is beautiful.

  • Desiree Eden 1 year ago

    Can you do a basics video on how to care for succulents/cacti? I am really looking into succulents and cacti but I know nothing. I can't keep anything else alive 🙁 hahah

  • reachforthepeach Maddox 1 year ago

    Why the move? Do you still design jewelry? What happen to all your other stuff? I know i'm so nosy, but your apartment was great. Did you bring any of the things you made with you.

  • carol Oesterritter 1 year ago

    Wow! Loving all of the touches! Looking beautiful. It's so much fun! Happy decorating. Can't wait to see it all finished. My mom was telling me about that mirror from Costco, that's a great deal. I've used a T3 big curling iron. It was nice. Xoxoxo

  • N JO 1 year ago

    Wow that guy has something from Saudi Arabia?? That's Cool! And I'm from SA

  • Sunflowergazer 1 year ago

    Christine, if you ever come back to Southern California for a visit, you need to go to the California Cactus Center in Pasadena. AMAZING place!! My mom is obsessed with succulents and cactus and she loves going there,…..lots of rare succulents.

  • 11dawns 1 year ago

    I knew that your house is going to look absolutely beautiful because you´ve got style and great ideas 🙂 Thanks for showing the Ikea lamp, I am going to buy it at the weekend 🙂

  • Michelle Scott 1 year ago

    What happened to blogs? Sooo excited to see more, more, more! Much love!

  • BarbsDaisies 1 year ago

    Great vlog…enjoyed watching your cactus adventure, and I'm so glad that you guys found a house! Congratulations!  It is spacious and just with the sectional, it is already looking like a home. The yard is a nice size, too. Enjoy decorating your new place and wishing you and Michael all the best in Arizona! 🙂

  • beat rabbit 1 year ago

    I was wondering if Arm&Hammer are actually cruelty free. Does anyone know?

  • Aleta Michele 1 year ago

    Christine, I am OBSESSED with succulents now because of you. I also have my mom looking at them and I can't wait to get a few on our next trip. We'll make sure to get some that have bursts of color and great texture!

  • Hannah Kingsbury 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing about plants. Ecogro was so interesting. I am from NH and it is interesting to see the different types of plants.

  • Annie Kaminski 1 year ago

    I love that you and michael enjoy the same style and house decor!!! my boyfriend and I never have any arguments about how to style the house/furniture/decor because we have the same aesthetics in mind. <3 meanwhile, some other couples can't agree how to style their home space.

  • Deborah M. 1 year ago

    This is heaven to me! I've been a "cactophile" my entire life. Unfortunately, I live in Missouri so I must move my cacti in every fall. Those greenhouses are wonderful. Thanks for the video!

  • choctaw5050 1 year ago

    Alright Christine and Michael… I need my fix….. I have no life. So I get my thrills through yours…. lol

  • Who doesn't like fish-flavoured ice cream? 1 year ago

    Why even use a hairdryer?

  • Vicky Guerrero 1 year ago

    My mother in law has a t3 and she said it doesn't blow a lot of air so takes long to dry hair but suppose to be healthier for your hair.

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