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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Meet my mom…more formally…. and lets chat about desert plants! Be sure to tag me in your #plantykindnessproject posts on IG: @mycleanleaves Let’s start a movement plant friends! BE KIND! Shop my full supply list on Amazon!! (a small proceed goes to me to support my channel if you click on this link and order through amazon. Thank you in advance!) Video Rating: / 5


  • bob smith 9 months ago

    You can get most of these at "Arizona Cactus Sales"

  • bob smith 9 months ago

    That's a desert spoon

  • steve's growing space 9 months ago

    Hi, listen to your mother, you like real fine, and so does she. Many of these plants I have heard of but never actually seen this is probably one of the most informative and in places funniest videos I have watched in a long time ("don't poop on us"). Amazing to see all these desert plants growing in gardens.Thanks for sharing, I subscribed to see more.
    All the best

  • Jessiebt 9 months ago

    Thank you …this was just fantastic, and how those plants seem to be just Chilling….Oh Iam from Chitown too….

  • Catherine Kasiewicz 9 months ago

    Beautiful neighborhood.

  • CrystalRenèe 420 9 months ago

    Awwwe you and your mom are too cute, and yes that's one of the first things I noticed when I first moved here "the landscaping" its really nice not too many people have grass though lol.

  • Kristie Bihm 9 months ago

    The one with the bright orange flowers is a pride of Barbados. Also I this you labeled a rosemary as a silver crassula?

  • Anna Torres 9 months ago

    Awww… you're mom is the cutest. And yes her yard is awesome.

  • noob kitty 9 months ago

    Awwww I love your mom!!! This was such a cute video!! And I now want a golden barrel cactus haha! I wished this video was longer cause I was refreshing some of the soil of my newer plants.

  • Patricia Lisowski 9 months ago

    Those neighborhood plants are amazing! I have a Lantana growing in a good size pot in my yard…every evening it gets a little wilted, and I water it….and there’s one in Arizona not wilting at all!!
    Your Mom’s yard looks great!

  • OhioGranny 9 months ago

    Love the designs of the landscapes in your mom's neighborhood. Not a blade of grass anywhere to be seen. It's like a different planet! All those cacti and succulents are amazing!

  • Verizon 9 months ago

    Glad to see you're feeling better! Your Mom is a cutie; you should do more videos together. The two of you together are a riot. Bless you both.

  • John Sheffield 9 months ago

    If you haven't transplanted the opuntia yet . Remember you can cut it up in pieces and transplant and let them reroot

  • John Sheffield 9 months ago

    Purple opuntia santa Rita. And those u keep calling Yuka is agaves

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