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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Should I use landscape fabric? The short answer is no you shouldn’t. Here I’ll explain and show you why landscape fabric is a bad idea. Landscape fabric is also called weed barrier fabric, weed cloth, weed fabric and weed barrier. Video Rating: / 5


  • Andrew Griffin 4 years ago

    This guy cannot be trusted. He said the soil was "moister".

  • Closing the Loop 4 years ago

    Ultimately the concept of looking at any plant as a weed is the real problem here. Get an apartment if you don't want to garden.

  • Kesha Luton 4 years ago

    do I need us fabric to lay rocks? Our house is new and they didn't use fabric for our mulch.

  • Fleets Enema 4 years ago

    John, I'm going to put a gravel walking path behind my garage because the grass doesn't grow there, it gets no light, but weeds do grow. Should I use landscape fabric under the gravel to keep the weeds from growing through? Or should I just put the gravel down on top of the mud & just keep using weed killer as needed. I made the mistake of using the fabric in my landscaping under the mulch & had to pull it up after a couple of years, I really don't want to make the same mistake twice. What is the best thing to do? What would you do ?

  • Thumpur69 4 years ago

    ok, I get why you don't like using it… but how can I get rid of "grass" growing in my landscaping. I travel often and I am away for 5 weeks at a time. right now I have mulch like you said but I have so much grass in with my plants it is unbelievable. I have no other option now but to try fabric this weekend. What to do?

  • vincent neale 4 years ago

    I used fabric on my onion patch, I lay the fabric onto the soil which has already been forked over and layered with compost. With small one inch holes burnt into the fabric and I push the Onion set through the hole into the soil every 6 inches The fabric stops any weeds growing and effecting the Onions The Onion bulb swells above the fabric surface and when the Onions are ready to  and cure the Onions I lift the Fabric off the soil and sow a green manure ready for next year. There is a place for weed fabric but you need to a little wisdom.

  • Baski kannan 4 years ago

    First off, it's a great instructional video! I've seem some sites suggesting to use cardboard or newspaper instead of the fabric. Is it good? cardboard might take a long time to break down and let the nutrients seep into the soil..

  • Ken Herzog 4 years ago

    You guys are crazy. I put weed block down ten years ago and stopped nearly all the weeds from coming up. Only those seeds that blow into the mulch get to weed stage and are easy to pull because the roots grown horizontally at the mat instead of going through to root deeply in the soil. I agree the great mulch nutrients don't get mixed with the soil, but every other year or 3 it is very easy to pull up the weed barrier and deposit the old mulch directly on the soil, if you lay out your barrier well, you can then place the same barrier overtop and mulch anew. Much more simple than trying to get deep weed roots out of soil with mulch overtop. It only takes about half an hour extra to add barrier and the cost is minimal compared to the amount of time spent weeding.
    I'm in Philly

  • redwhitentrue 4 years ago

    Team cardboard here.

  • JustinOhio 4 years ago

    Then how do you keep weeds out without making it a frickin full-time job?????

  • Azi Quaderi 4 years ago

    WOW!!!! John, thanks AGAIN for this GREAT ADVISE. How I wish I was this video before buying and used some of the fabric. But, this will save me time on the other side of my yard, which I will NOT put the fabric.

  • VIheavyequipment 4 years ago

    every video you make you can tell how much love and knowlege you have for landscaping

  • Sama Badshah 4 years ago

    i used plastic under mulch thinking weeds are going to grow now i see its a bad idea. if i just put mulch on top would weeds grow in. just cleaned an rocked area where a weed beerier fabric was put down so i should just pour down mulch without worrying weed will grow

  • teddiesbe 4 years ago

    I am in the process of planting succulents into a new " flower " bed . Did not want to mulch , but put gravel /pebbles/rocks on top . You video made up my mind , NOT to use a weed cloth . Thanks for sharing .

  • Tiffin Filion 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, moved into a house and they used fabric under everything including the grass! So I ran into having to pull really tough grass out where it shouldn't have been.

  • thomas Raichart 4 years ago

    What about river rock? Should anything be put under the rock? Thanks

  • west denver 4 years ago

    I give up after finding out the fabric was so deep and there was 2 layers and rocks but I don't under stand y

  • west denver 4 years ago

    How do I remove the fabric before Tilling the dirt and would you use you rotor tiller on soil with fabric.

  • bilskro 4 years ago

    I keep using fabric and it does not work. Grass and weeds grow through it and on top of it. But I also use mulch on top of the fabric and the grass and weeds still grow through it. I also tried mulch only and lots of grass and weeds. So how do you control all the grass growing even with mulch. Can you spray herbicide next to your plants without damaging them or what is the best option.

  • sickdrumer 4 years ago

    So if you were to use a weed barrier what would it be? I'm gonna do mulching soon I would like to know :)

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