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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Come check out my new Facebook Page!!! My Sites: Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- Google+- Kind of a long video this time, wanted to make sure you guys exactly how to plant desert rose seeds. These came from Thailand and should germinate quickly like the other ones I bought a while ago. You will need seedling mix, perlite, and pumice to plant these babies. Or you could just use seedling mix and extra perlite. Thanks for watching guys! Make sure to subscribe!!! Link to item: Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens


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  • dog heard your cat. .started barking. Thanks for the instructions!

  • YoboDiver 10 months ago

    Mr Church, how long after the seeds have sprouted do you wait to take the saran wrap off?

  • ShasTastic 10 months ago

    Cheap ole plastic shower caps work good in place of the cling wrap

  • enoreach007 10 months ago

    my cousin got fined many thousands of dollars for imported seed from OS..dont do it.

  • Tara Peeler 10 months ago

    After the cling wrap do I keep the pot inside or outside? Also I live in vegas its hot af 🙂

  • James Freeman 10 months ago

    Thank you for posting your instruction videos on this. We took our seed pod from a backyard specimen and wound up with 46 robust plants transplanted to individual pots.

  • metallic rock 10 months ago

    i bet they all turn to be common pinks

  • Andrea Tavaglione 10 months ago

    "desert rose seeds love to germinate"… every seed loves to germinate!

  • Isilda Monteiro 10 months ago

    hi Dallis. Do you sell seeds?

  • Эвелина Лина 10 months ago

    I also got from chine, here
    For the first time I was hesitating, but all are growing. Now have ordered more))

  • Cptpaul12 10 months ago

    After you plant the seeds, do you water them at all? Or do you just spray them once and top the pot with wrap? Thanks!

  • Shirley Dacosta 10 months ago

    Hi, great video, im trying to grow Desert Rose from seeds i recently got online from China, its been a few days, the soil looks wet however the seeds dont seem to be in the mood to grow. Its been over a week,I used just potting mix, you reckon this is the problem ?Looking forward to your kind advise, Thanks Shirley

  • Maureen Grant 10 months ago

    Where do I get desert rose seeds? I would love to grow them from seeds. I'm in Jamaica

  • Joel Gaitan 10 months ago

    What heppened to your orchid mantis males.

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