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  • kanchi sharma 1 year ago

    I love watching your video and learn a lot.

  • Elizabeth Weir 1 year ago

    Love your video's can't wait till Texas warms up so I can order more Desert Rose's. First one I have received from you is outstanding, can't wait till Spring gets here!

  • nitin52 1 year ago

    Wow you have many many desert rose plants. And you are alone doing every thing and tacking care of each on as your real baby. Feel like coming and helping you. Your love for plants is great. – Nitin.

  • McProductions. 1 year ago

    Maria you have many plants, train some of them into bonsai, what do you say?

  • Jean Kum 1 year ago

    I love watching your video and learn a lot.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
    I wish I lived near you so that I can help.

  • Jeanie L 1 year ago

    Hi Maria, I'm from Asia (Singapore) I watched your every channel video and I love to watch how u teaching to take care for all kind of plants. I would like to ask u a question about desert rose repot hope u can help me. My place nursery don't sell pine bark mini nuggets, can I use orchid mini bark mix with potting soil for my desert rose? Hope to hear from u soon, Merry Christmas to u and your family !

  • Mighty Hex 1 year ago

    4,000! WHAT!? WOWW!

  • shag mills 1 year ago

    Need help? Send the airline tickets! Never been to Florida . Got some small yellow bugs. Will send you a photo and maybe get a suggestion.

  • sunny skies 1 year ago

    Again, I must say, your babies are gorgeous & the caudexes as well & yes, I can see the shapes resembling animals ~ hmm, maybe it's some woodland fairies giving some extra mojo to your babies   🙂

  • Dorian Bakx 1 year ago

    nice! 😉 i love desert roses! by the way, its your email actually @ymail or its @gmail ? i may be interested in some seeds 🙂

  • Janie Harvey 1 year ago


  • dulce sweet 1 year ago

    Maria! Maria! Si estuviera serca te ayudara love your video

  • Joyce Shelby 1 year ago

    Maria I always enjoy your videos. Your love for plants run in your veins. I'm in southern Illinois but I can honestly say if I was close to you I'd help. Oh, I got the moisture tester. Lol. Take care and God Bless You.

  • R BadilloArt 1 year ago

    Oh my Maria! I wish I were closer to you so that I could help you!. You need to get help my friend. Please don't over do it don't want you to get hurt. Love your videos!

  • Ricardo Nunes 1 year ago

    You're awesome Maria!! Love you

  • Mirthala Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Beautiful cadeuxes ❤️

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