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  • Dominion GrowMO 1 year ago

    A couple of those Skunk Haze plants looked like actual christmas trees. Lol

  • Green Snapper 1 year ago

    was here

  • Californiareview420 1 year ago

    Nice drip system.

  • Mr. Nice guy 1 year ago

    those sativa looked amazing

  • sxyangeleyez 1 year ago

    thanks for the shop tour that was great to see that sativia

  • Criss Crass Chronic 1 year ago

    That's a trip how they grow those right in the desert floor.

  • eric1998420 1 year ago

    Cheers from az remo u da bomb

  • TJ ABDUL 1 year ago

    Awesome Vids Remo keep em coming!

  • Daniel Smith 1 year ago

    Those were some crazy looking bushes at the end. They just looked like some kinda weed besides cannibus. Pretty cool.

  • asilsweater sweaterasil 1 year ago

    garden didnt really impress me but its in the desert so props to growers

  • Green Gun 1 year ago

    Very cool. Those falling over bushes/trees/weeds at the end was different=)

  • Adam Mainliner 1 year ago

    which desert in cali u in remo?

  • Tim S 1 year ago

    its good and nice

  • chris añez 1 year ago

    pretty Awesome

  • Jay Dee 1 year ago

    I want a T-Shirt…..Peace

  • jrsmokingdank 1 year ago

    not worth growing that sativa for that long seems he would get 3 harvest with regular indicas for all that time

  • MM420 1 year ago

    Christmas trees!

  • Pickett 710 1 year ago

    wow that sativa at the end looked crazy couldnt imagine the high

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