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  • overlord dank 1 year ago

    that's a ton of copper ore.

  • Alessandro Takeda 1 year ago

    who plays this music?

  • jack morris 1 year ago

    David if you see this contact me.

  • juliaea77 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventures! Would you mind sharing the specific location of this wonderful chrysocolla? I too have a deep appreciation for nature and especially chrysocolla, and to feel the feeling of finding treasures like these would be magical. I love to share nature's healing creations with the world! Thank you very much! My email is if you would like to release the location privately. 

  • eric keller 1 year ago

    Keep my in mind in 2016 David. I really want to join you. Great video

  • Gemologist John Heusler 1 year ago

    That was quite a trip David.  I have always enjoyed rockhounding with you! 

  • Julie Neitzel 1 year ago

    The link below is our manta ray swim!

  • Julie Neitzel 1 year ago

    Hi David!! That was awesome. You know I don't know a thing about rocks but those were really striking and of course I love the big horn sheep and the mules!!

  • Jason Wheeler 1 year ago

    Awesome adventure and photography!

  • Barbara Wilson 1 year ago

    You get better and better

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