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  • Holly Wood 3 months ago

    Im skeptical. Where are the plants getting nutrients? There's more to growing than just water.

  • Herbertsdottir 3 months ago

    Water and artificial fertilizer are new technology?

  • John Smith 3 months ago

    GO VEGAN !!!!!!!

  • N.A.C..80 3 months ago

    Looks a good idea but I'm not sure. The earth is all linked. Sand blown up in dust storms feeds the oceans with iron and other minerals. This makes plankton and other stuff grow. The ocean provides the earth with around 70% of the oxygen we use. The Amazon rainforest provides 20%.

    Although this looks like it's doing good for the environment i'm not so sure. I am no expert though. I hope China has done some research and they not just looking out for themselves.

  • GoVitasCom 3 months ago

    Looks like plastic drip irrigation, which was invented in the early 1960s by a man from Poland named Simcha Blass. The sandy desert soaks up water quickly, so material must be added to keep the plant roots from drying out. The workers are wearing heavy coats, so I'll bet the plastic cracks during the cold winters and must be replaced often. Plastic drip irrigation technology is at least 56 years old, so this is nothing new!

  • Charlie Horse 3 months ago

    Fuck China

  • andtam008 3 months ago

    Wind has turned rock into sand. Sand can't turn back into rock. No barrier to stop the wind. That's why it's so difficult to turn the desert back to green.

  • Randall Gonzales 3 months ago

    You think those Chinese are jacked up k ow.Wait till they start eating the crap they grow from all those chemicals.

  • jerry williams 3 months ago

    Now that is great, a job well done, amazing!!!

  • Pat MyGroin 3 months ago

    They can make a farm in the desert but cant make a pair of shoes to last more that a week. Hmmm

  • Anticlastisity F 3 months ago

    Yes well done China. Whats in this toxic sludge?

  • David Armstrong 3 months ago

    This is bullshit mohammar Gaddafi built this in the 70s in fucking Libya, more convinced more than ever that these so called Chinese innovations are nothing but a ruse by the elites to fool us again. Same way they used Europe, America ,Japan and now China. All the while getting their raw materials from Africa.

  • Knights Templar 3 months ago

    Humans at their best shame Africa’s desert regions are bordering on war zones and instability and unstable governments profiting from war and unrest to even ever consider this kind of undertaking

  • Morgan Kodysz 3 months ago

    China's new technology. Cultivation…from the middle ages…GO Commis!

  • Agung Perkasa 3 months ago


  • Mantul Skali 3 months ago

    It supposed to be a desert. Don't change what God create. Please

  • julius carino 3 months ago

    america doesnt want middle east to be like that.

  • Keith Allen 3 months ago

    Yeah China is adding some chemical to the deserts! I'm sure that's going to be a complete fucking disaster for the planet!

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