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  • Christian Stuart 1 year ago

    We have to start a global reforestation grand project, and we've really got to start it in the Western Sahara, Morrocco, and Mauritania regions and work our way eastwards, its the only way to ensure the winds deliver seed and rain to land whenever the blissful events take place. No doubt the eastward-blowing rains will someday return if we really do it right and places like this won't be in existence. We've caused these deserts to come into existence it seams through years of trade and commerce from times of silk trade routes to possibly even older trade routes along the North of Africa and other places of desertification, its time we fixed it! If we took a percentage of all freshwater runoff and redirected it back onto the parched areas of this earth (which by the way is the most idealistic place to build a home) thereby refilling underground aquifers and growing mass amounts of food with agricultural projects of epic proportions , we would not only be left with millions of acreage of the most beautiful living space as of yet forgotten about in history We might even see sea levels drop if we do it on a large enough scale or at least see sea levels stay at a somewhat constant state through this warming trend we seem to be enduring.

  • Lilac Lizard 1 year ago

    China please get the herdsmen back to work herding! If they keep the animals bunched up & move them daily, it will create more restoration than this, with a fraction of the water needed! The manure will carry grass seed & plant it with fertiliser & the urine will water it in. Next time around the animals will eat and trample & the trampled plant matter will then hold in rainwater, acting as mulch. How can you not have any mulch in projects like this? Mulch is 101 of any dry environment!

  • Sadite Reziga 1 year ago


  • Sunil Kumar 1 year ago

    god help those who help themselves

  • The Custodian 1 year ago

    Publicity stunt
    trying to research this forest has got me many different results all I can really find is the same pictures over and over again and video of people planting on A sand dune. But every story has a different story to why the forest is here and who is Planting. I think this is fake

  • B aa 1 year ago

    Does it work? Do the forests reach a point where they can survive on their own?

  • Mark Frost 1 year ago

    LORD JESUS please help them to get a forest from the dessert it can only be through your help

  • Adam Peck 1 year ago

    Great work

  • Aaron 1 year ago

    Another amazing report is Saihanba world the biggest man-made forest.

  • Gustav 1 year ago

    Look up Allan Savory, he has the solution to stopping desertification.

  • Wang wang 1 year ago

    The recovery is insignificant in comparison to the destruction those government supported immigrant done for Xinjiang's environment.

  • Cicero Araujo 1 year ago

    Great report

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