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  • NYC Orchid Queen 1 year ago

    wow that is so awesome that you volunteer. Great video ♥

  • Girly Guinea Piggies 1 year ago

    Great work!!

  • Frances Hubley 1 year ago

    Love your videos!

  • nana jack 1 year ago

    Can't wait to see the progress over the coming weeks…..I wonder how the plants got to be in such a mess. I must admit it looks hard work but so exciting to see it all come good. Well done Marija…one for volunteering and two for sharing you knowledge and experience so others can enjoy. Thank you.

  • Windowsill Succulent Gardening 1 year ago

    This is very cool! Be fun to watch this progress. That opuntia? Cactus you cut down looked so old. Was there no way to save bits? I guess it will grow back from the stump eventually. How did the conservatory get so messy?

  • Olga's dreamland 1 year ago

    Oh Marija you have a lot of things to do but how excited this is. Well done that you volunteer. You will learn so much things. I think you must start from the infected plants that have mealybugs because if the weather gets warmer will spread to other plants that is not infected. A tip that i have to give you ( if it is helpful ) take plastic garbage bags or an old towel and twisted around the cactus to help you cut them by not touching them. Good luck Marija. I think is wonderful what you are doing.

  • Carmen Whitehead 1 year ago

    How wonderful to volunteer in a place that grows plants you love! TFS!

  • Nilza Pereira De Melo 1 year ago

    Weldone Marija. It is a beautiful place.

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