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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Video Rating: / 5 Social distancing can be difficult for young children who are curious, social and routine driven. We are hoping for the best and planning for everything else. Teacher Emily is offering OBS community members a window to learning while at home with prompts for exploration, daily adventures and a sense of continued community . Our ongoing videos will start after Spring Break March 30 as described in our email to families, for the meantime we would like to present you with an appetizer of what we are planning. Montessori education is based on the principles of hands on concrete learning where the child uses their own hands to interpret, explore, discover and learn. While classrooms are full of wonderful materials to help with isolating the senses, our largest sense is our sense of touch. We will provide hands on ideas for learning at home and connect with families and students to witness how they have interpreted the provocations provided- there’s no wrong or right way! Ideas for at home: *Plant your own seeds from packets, or those you collect from fruits/vegetables * While exploring seeds naturally work in the sounds of the words you hear/speak, which plants or seeds start with the same sounds, which end with the same sounds, can you name all the sounds *Clap the syllables of the plant/seed names *For older children make a simple chart and note growth, notice which plants are growing fastest, what the sum of growth is each time you measure. * Explore different ways of growing – put similar seed species in different areas of your home and predict which will grow fastest, chart their growth (you can also experiment with water volume). Try germinating seeds inside a plastic zip close […]

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