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  • TheSponkomat 1 year ago

    This is one of the funniest video titles ever. 😉

  • nubemuffin 1 year ago

    this will forever be known as the show that kill the stargate franchise.

  • criccios 1 year ago

    @linusorm is not true is ok… i have played the video and the sound is normal…

  • Commissar Dog 1 year ago

    the…. sound is faster then the vid :O

  • Osvaldo Yañez Salas 1 year ago

    @Basti1254 totally agree…

  • Johnthepredalien 1 year ago

    @Basti1254 i agree

  • aeQuator 1 year ago

    Stargate are the best of the World..
    I wish its real

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