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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Digital art speed painting of a desert landscape painted in an abstract fauvism style using Corel Painter 2017 and a Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD Touch tablet. Download this and other art tutorials from my Lesson Archive: Video Rating: / 5 Hi, Learn step by step how to paint a Desert landscape with Camels. Acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. Subscribe this channel and get lots of acrylic painting demos every week. Also if you have any queries related to art materials or YouTube video you can ask me in the comment section of the video or mail me at Know more about me on other social media: Twitter – Facebook – Google plus – Instagram – Best Wishes Arpana Choudhary


  • Meo.Kat 5 months ago

    it was beautiful one question, I'm just starting off and I use pressure sensitivity would it be easier to turn it off first then eventually get into it?

  • Roney Bunn 5 months ago

    Great job! Follow your work and learn a lot.
    Greetings from Brazil

  • Eleanor Taylor 5 months ago


  • geev3s 5 months ago

    Way better game than No Mans Sky

  • Laura Perlitz 5 months ago

    Wow, stunning colors!

  • Marco Campobello 5 months ago

    this landscape is similar to the game ''no man sky'' i liked it

  • Sambhullar 5 months ago

    Dude!!! This is incredible…loved it!

  • Hama Dler 5 months ago

    Hi Aron. which brushes do you use for creating the sky?

  • Bala 5 months ago


  • Learn Math Easily 5 months ago

    Very nice. Keep going girl

  • Shivani Choudhary 5 months ago

    Nice technique to give shades and patches of colours.

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