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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Digitally painting a desert hot enironment for a sci-fi project. Talking a bit about how to work with composition, color and lighting the enironment to suit the mood you want to paint. Also, first voice-over video of the channel!!!!! —- Sorry if I sounded a bit stiff and always humming… Did this recording over 2 months ago and only been recording the voice-over for real in the last few days (although i tried a few times before that). BUt yeah, I tried to remember most of the stuff I wanted to say, but ended up a bit clueless. Still I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you found something useful in it. It’s only the first video of a few to come hopefully! Please leave a comment below with your opinion. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer as fast as possible! Have an awesome week 😀 —— Art by me (Filipe Pinto) Website: DeviantArt: Sketchblog: Music:


  • 五Illa 1 month ago

    i am wondering if anyone can hear the music at the end? and great art! OMG that's so cool…..

  • Konitezko 4 weeks ago


  • Razin Rahman 4 weeks ago

    Please make more of these videos!!

  • Jay2307 02 4 weeks ago

    4 years latter i give my feed back, good don't stop

  • Cuberi bu! 4 weeks ago

    pleasant voice<3

  • Pride Muramasa 4 weeks ago

    Great job m8

  • 陳大雍 4 weeks ago

    Thank you!

  • CybaComics 4 weeks ago

    Onde aprendeste a desenhar? Sozinho ou nuna escola? Porque eu quero seguir o desenho tamb e gostava de saber se em Portugal existem algumas escolas boas para este tipo de desenho/ilustraçao. Btw esta muito bom o desenho parabens

  • San Jacobs 4 weeks ago

    Dude, I have mad respect for this effort. Just try and go a bit more in-depth on a certain topic for each video. One topic, one video. Here it would be great if you only focused on, let's say colour palettes and how to utilize them.

    And also, move your mic out of the way of your breath, since youre using your phone, just put it out to the side of your mouth, and that'll do. Keep it up, man! You've earned a sub!

  • EndlessGalaxies 4 weeks ago

    How do you know what color palette to use and keep them consistent as you paint?

  • Mike Marcula 4 weeks ago


  • Serge Rogirg 4 weeks ago

    You should use a pop-filter for your microphone

  • Ilja _ 4 weeks ago

    Amazing art!

  • Ilja _ 4 weeks ago

    Amazing art!

  • Cyppress 4 weeks ago

    Very nice art, audio be shart

  • buff battle boy 4 weeks ago

    absolutely rad, love it, ya got a new sub

  • CoeliePolie 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely amazing, one of the best digital landscape artists I have seen!

  • deio977 4 weeks ago

    Lovely painting! Where can I find brush packs for me to try this?

  • Viknesh Kandasamy 4 weeks ago

    How can we know what brushes to choose for digital painting? I am lost in that part.

  • Omar Shoikh 4 weeks ago

    good job

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