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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote After a decade of living in the same house without taking advantage of the backyard, I decided to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I’ve always loved woodworking and was craving a project. Little did I know how much work it would be, but with the help of my house-mates, good friends and a wonderful neighbor, we got the backyard looking real nice. This project has been very rewarding and a great opportunity to learn new skills. I hope this video inspires you to give your backyard some lovin’ 🙂 MORE: FOLLOW: MUSIC: 1) “Ripen” by Gabrielle Gottschall – 2) “Nothing For It” by Xandra Corpora –


  • mrmrlee 7 months ago

    Lost audio @ 2:30. Great job on the yard looks great!

  • Cleuber Nascimento 7 months ago


  • MrAudienceMember 7 months ago

    Lovely results. Great vision.

  • Lisa Pieper 7 months ago

    Spectacular! I thought this was Frisco. Great out door space. I like all the natural elements and relaxed flower beds.

  • 2710Pocahontas 7 months ago

    Good job, but my OCD wants to pull up the weeds that grew in between the pavers by the window.

  • Elyce Picciotti 7 months ago

    Woman has skills!

  • Gemcitykid 7 months ago

    I see that those new houses behind you can create some pressure! I have a 105 y.o. house in the inner city. I finally got the 6' privacy fence up two years ago and I can totally relate to your work here. I love re-purposing. Nice ideas with old lumber and pallets. One question for you: @around 2 min you removed and then replaced the pavers. I notice your house is wood and it looks like the foundation is right there where wood meets dirt. The pitch and grade look a little questionable. In retrospect, do you think maybe adding a waterproof liner or something similar on that point (where dirt meets wood and concrete) would have been a good idea?

  • glb360 7 months ago

    Save yourself a lot of trouble and place a few goats in the affected area to clear out the brush before you begin work.

  • Marcel Wildeboer 7 months ago

    Don’t no how i get here’ bud……nicely done

  • Kevin Hudson 7 months ago

    What’s with the music

  • Ed Parachini 7 months ago

    Never put dirt on top of weed barrier, and never use the cheap weed barrier because like black plastic all you have to do to puncture it is walk across it. Next time find a professional and ask for advice instead of pretending you have a clue.

  • The only one D 7 months ago

    Why can't my wife be this good around the house? You are amazingly creative! Just curious as to where in the states is this? I know it's not the south

  • William Jaramillo 7 months ago

    Great work! Song credit?

  • Nehemiah Gee 7 months ago

    Redo again but great job

  • nicolas Diaz jr 7 months ago

    Real nice
    Good job

  • Jorge Villegas 7 months ago

    great job!!! I love how the use of the pallets!!

  • Will Rob 7 months ago

    good job!!!!!!!

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