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  • Juan Soto 1 year ago

    In the US, we have a product called turface and I think it may act similar to the cat litter, and it's relatively cheap.

  • gartmorn 1 year ago

    I have started using this mix at the 1:1:1 ratio and it seems a good mix. Cat litter seems to be a revelation! I was using perlite but it's probably more suited to garden containers and non succulents.

  • ambivalenc3 1 year ago

    I'm in the US and I found Blue Ribbon cat litter. Its made with diatomaceous earth, but it has a strong scent to it. Is that ok?

  • gartmorn 1 year ago

    Would you add more cat litter, or possibly just use cat litter for Haworthias? I read they're very particular about the soil type!

  • Cacti Mania 1 year ago

    I’ve recently switched to this exact mix for my cacti and I have to say they’re loving it.

  • AOK Adam 1 year ago

    You put cat litter in the mix??? What!!!

  • Crazy Plant lover 1 year ago


  • Alba Nuvo 1 year ago

    I do like westlands brand products. the grit kinda looks like broken sea shells …pretty cool looking mix. I need to order some pumice for sure. Can't wait to see how it does over the long run.

  • NYC Orchid Queen 1 year ago

    So informative. Great video. ♥

  • Desierto's Cacti 1 year ago

    I would be so glad if I could find John Innes mixes over here. All mixes seem to have an amount of either white or black peat, sometimes even both, which make them useless for what I aiming for. Thank you for sharing Alex, very interesting!

  • Connie Beal 1 year ago

    I have horticultural sand is it the same as horticultural grit?

  • Helen Harris 1 year ago

    Always interested in ideas for soil mix. Frustrating not being able to buy some of ingredients you use in UK. Would like to know what others in US favor for compost. Is compost the same as potting soil in US? Thanks Alex, wonderful waking up finding you or Lyn have new video to watch ! From Virgina to the UK! Have wonderful day.

  • Adrian 1 year ago

    Hi Alex, i had considered abt to mix with some cat litter too, but i wonder if its make the medium absorb too much water when watering it, since the cat litter able to absorb cat's excrement and pee etc. lol

  • CrazyCactusCollector 1 year ago

    I've never tried the cat litter before, might have to give it ago, I always use the John innes number 2 though , great video 🙂

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