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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Check out the clean ‘n simple makeover we did to the landscaping around our barn house. We got rid of all the old, over grown bushes, grass, & lava rock and replaced it with 1″ clean rock gravel and some simple, low maintenance, modern plants. This is Part 1 where I show you how I got rid of the old lava rock, tore out the overgrown weeds, and re-graded the dirt to flow away from the house to prepare for new landscape edging, landscaping fabric, and gravel. Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 1: Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 2: Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 3 (Update!): Our New Concrete Driveway Installation: DIY Low Ground Level Wood Deck Build: If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and share it with anyone that you think might like to see it too! My Site: Instagram: Facebook: Later! – Kevin Video Rating: / 5


  • Tamera Phelps 4 years ago

    loved all the diffrent ways to do flower beds

  • Ono Udont 4 years ago

    Can you do one on being a retard for dummies?

  • Irfan Afzal 4 years ago


    Nice video.

    My company installs sprinklers for lawns. Please check out a video of a project right after installation.

  • a1930ford 4 years ago

    Maybe I missed it in the video, but where did you pick up the aluminum edging?  It is relatively inexpensive or pricey?  I was thinking of doing this about my fence line so my dog wouldn't be quite as apt to dig out beneath the fence there. My fence pickets don't touch the ground at their bottoms and the aluminum edging as this may work okay if not too overly expensive. Is there a specific brand or name for the aluminum edging?  I have not seen such in the garden areas of the local box stores.

  • Billy Kirst 4 years ago

    You need some gardens! Way too much grass brother!

  • Ddbronco 4 years ago

    That's a lot of work… Good job

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