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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote How to plant shrubs in Phoenix, AZ starts with choosing the correct shrub for the correct location. We recommend installing desert adaptable shrubs mostly because they are less prone to disease and fungus since they are native to our desert climate. Here is a great resource for choosing desert adaptable plants and trees: The other very important thing to remember is the location of the plant. Knowing the mature size of the shrub is helpful so you do not place a shrub that may grow into a sidewalk pathway or grow to close to your house or your house’s foundation. After you choose the plant and location, you will need a shovel, some mulch or soil additive, and although its not required, we also recommend some sort of root stimulant like B1 or Super Thrive (link to purchase online: You will also want to make certain the area is getting water before you install any plant material since in the beginning it will require daily watering until the shrub is established. Next you will want to dig the hole slightly larger and deeper than the size of bucket for extra additives. You will want to flood the hole with water to make certain the deep part that is exposed to the roots is also moist for less shock to the plant. This also is not a bad time to add some B1 or Super Thrive along with some mulch or soil mixture. Make sure the shrub will be level with the ground after adding the additives and then you can pull the shrub from the plastic bucket and install it into the ground filling it with both mulch mix and native soil. You can then water it extra heavy with a […]

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  • Jaime German 1 year ago

    stop with the desert planting it's not ugly but we need different plants like Africa trees will grow in Phoenix

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