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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Here is an update on the DIY landscaping of our beautiful Country Home. Stay tuned to see the dump truck picking up its first load of stone from a landscaping/quarry, and then the final steps as we progress in finishing this project! Don’t forget to check out our new channel and sign up to follow us there: You can also order custom Kapper Outdoors, Living the Dream T shirts, Hoodies and coffee mugs at Thank you! Video Rating: / 5


  • Marko Stojanovic 7 months ago

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  • Mark Hughes 7 months ago

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  • Oscar Paz 7 months ago

    Not good.

  • Kay Souvannakily 7 months ago

    Is tat my my husband act like he doesn't know how to do stuff.. He must be s smart man.. Lol

  • Richard Bohling Sr 7 months ago

    Sage advice for sure. But you have to admit it's looking great and you don't have to mow or fertilize rock.

  • 吴龙 7 months ago


  • Philippine Expat Country Living 7 months ago

    Nice I love landscaping

  • Daniel Guay 7 months ago

    "Run… run the other way" Priceless! hahaha

  • Apryl's Happenings 7 months ago

    I just started my 2018 yard projects. The finished product is always so nice. Looking good!

  • Rex Erection 7 months ago

    Why do plants need to be 2 ft away from the house?

  • Tony MTA 7 months ago

    LOL tell me about it ,I carry 120 bags river rock 50 lbs , took me few trips to the store in my pickup… …….my wife didn't like the mulch 🙁

  • Matt Jackson 7 months ago

    I wish I could take ferns from my woods but its illegal here.

  • D. Zaster 7 months ago


  • Chris L. 7 months ago

    im no expert either, but i think you might play hell trying to get that gravel to stay where it bends around the house and goes down toward the basement. i think the rain might wash it down.

  • tree Climbing 7 months ago

    You will be sooo glad you moved plants away. I’ve watched neighbors plant, cut down and replant next to house. Just to cut down, pull out & replant.

  • Howard Parsons 7 months ago

    Looks great Mrs. Kapper there just one thing your tree is planted to high the top of the ball should be even with the ground level . If you prune all the branches that stick above the ball shape of the tree once a year you can keep that ball shape all the time just make sure when you prune them that you go down to the branch and prune any little suckers in the middle of the tree . I have a customer with the same tree but hers is 15' tall she wanted us to cut it down because it didn't grow the flowers so we talk her into letting us prune it , now this year she was so happy at how many flowers she had this year . keep up the good work your dream home is looking awesome .

  • Rick Anderson 7 months ago

    Great advice Kapper!

  • Wakeywhodat 7 months ago

    I was lucky enough to have a sidewalk edger so I routed out my lines for the bed edging that way.

  • Wakeywhodat 7 months ago

    Looks awesome Mrs. Kap! I used the same edging material and once the sun cycled a few times on it the lines got very wavy. I got about 20 of the cheapo metal spikes from Lowes to temporarily wedge either on the front or back side to straighten out the zig-zag waves.
    Once it rains a few times soil will backfill and hold things more uniform – I hope! Haha

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