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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We completed a big backyard makeover project completely ourselves. The project consists of installing pavers, lights and was completed over several weeks. We learnt a lot from this project and hopefully you will find it entertaining and useful. Video Rating: / 5


  • Joyce McInnis 1 week ago

    Great job! Great narrator! Wish you guys were here to do mine.

  • Andrea Dinosaur 1 week ago

    I hope to see more diy videos. This was really inspiring and the thorough directions were very helpful. Thank you and good job!

  • EMajor 1 week ago

    That is quite the project!! I'm sure your parents were proud to have you help out and document the whole experience. If you can pull off all that at your age now, you'll be unstoppable grown up. Perhaps for a future project, try adding some greenery in the landscape?

  • Kimberly 1 week ago

    That looks great!

  • travis scott24 1 week ago

    bravo little boss 🙂

  • ZERO-X 1 week ago

    Love the video next time y’all wanna turn your yard soak it so your not stabbing at hard dirt so helpful but a bit muddy but worth it lol

  • leslie sonberg 1 week ago

    I love to see the little guy helping

  • Christina Hayes 1 week ago

    Looks beautiful!

  • Fran S. 1 week ago

    Very ambitious DIY project, luckily your family is very hard-working.

  • Verenise Nunez 1 week ago

    Very helpful video. I loved your way of explaining!

  • Imran Khan 1 week ago

    I have a small place but this vdo is helpful

  • bellajaid 1 week ago

    Thank you. We are planning to landscape our backyard and are apprehensive to DIY, let alone involve our kid.

  • Aissa D. 1 week ago

    Your family project is awesome! I will mention this project to my husband so we can build a firepit & seating area with the pavers. It's easier than I thought & no need to hire a contractor. Thank you!

  • Raahul Singh 1 week ago

    Great work you guys. Awesome love it

  • Lethal5.0 1 week ago

    Awesome video!

  • Gemini22 1 week ago


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