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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This DIY tutorial on how to make a terrarium with cacti and desert plants is a step by step tutorial that will get you real excited about making terrariums. If you are unfamiliar with making terrariums then this is a great DIY tutorial to start with. A terrarium is a type of miniature garden grown in a small glass container. By planting your plants in a container this way it creates its own ecosystem. These beautiful little gardens are easy to care for and require little maintenance. They are a perfect way to add a little of the outdoors into your home. This is a great home decor idea and are also great for gifts if you’re in need of gift ideas. Once you learn how to make terrariums you’ll get excited about how all of the different combinations you can come up with. You can use your imagination and creativity to customize your terrarium by using your own small rocks, trinkets, shells, and figurines. In this tutorial I use a shell that my mother gave me to decorate my terrarium. If you are interested in learning about other craft ideas and DIY home decor ideas you can check out my website On my site I have many other DIY tutorials. If you have any questions about how to make a terrarium… if there was anything that I missed in this DIY tutorial on how to make a terrarium with cacti and desert plants please comment below. I respond to comments as soon as I can. I appreciate any feedback. If you have any terrarium ideas that you’d like for me to try to make a tutorial for please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Video Rating: / 5

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  • Lacy Pellegrini 4 years ago

    How often do you water these??

  • CleaPatrick Wheeldon 4 years ago

    I thought that Activated Carbon and Activated Charcoal were totally different things. I have Activated Carbon for fish tanks but I was afraid of using it in fear that it would somehow kill my plants, so is it Ok for me to use it??

  • sam ?? 4 years ago

    beautiful! so fun to do 😀 need to go buy some big glass jars?

  • NanaJuuHachi 4 years ago

    looks horrible with the glass and the sand and the shell…?

  • Miriam Rivera 4 years ago

    I looooove it!!!!!! super amazing video thanks!!!?????

  • EVIL WIZERD 4 years ago

    The music at 3:25 is from growtopia?

  • Bryan Go 4 years ago

    where will u place it after it grows large enough?

  • Yousef Hamooda 4 years ago

    It is real?

  • ashleyjlucio96 4 years ago

    What is the cactus with the single white flower name??

  • Thanh Ha 4 years ago

    What's the status of these plants? Are they still alive??

  • DreiGalaxy 4 years ago

    some people tell me that the cacti will suffocate and dry out because there are no holes on the bottom of the glass container like a normal pot. Is this true? Pls help?

  • Chris Stanley 4 years ago

    Lol cacti not cactuses?

  • Johnny Santymire 4 years ago

    great vid


  • MeowToTheBeat 4 years ago

    Is your terrarium still healthy??

  • Steve Zisk 4 years ago

    Yes, it does and thanks very much.?

  • Faiza Nawaz 4 years ago

    activated charcoal isnt available in my city,would my terrarium be ok without it??

  • The Awesome Tropical Germinator 4 years ago

    I use that exact same potting mix for my citrus trees!?

  • rough rough 4 years ago

    can i use desert sand instead of using soil?? i want my terrarium to be deserty as possible?

  • nery colon 1 4 years ago

    Thanks for giving us ideas. Loved and Subbed?

  • Faiza Nawaz 4 years ago

    very beautiful?