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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Taking a closer look at a variety of vegetable plants currently growing in the garden, about 7 weeks after the initial planting. Harvesting lettuce, peas, green beans, and broccoli. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • dylan14570 7 years ago

    This is Mel’s Mix. Check out one of my recent videos, My Favorite Garden? Books (Square Foot Gardening), and Our New Square Foot Garden Part One (I go over Mel’s Mix in the last part of the video).

  • ziya gerel 7 years ago

    Donna what soil do? you use

  • Justin Miller 7 years ago

    Thats alot? of Broccolli!

  • mike19831115 7 years ago

    Nice garden, nothing like fresh veggies. From South Africa :)?

  • Allen2045 7 years ago

    nothing like going out to your back? yard for lunch. Love it

  • forgiveaspie 7 years ago


  • alz123alz 7 years ago

    Brocolli is good for preventing? and treating prostate cancer

  • Rebecca King 7 years ago

    Looking great!! How often & for? how long do you water?TFS

  • ytlrone 7 years ago

    you could plant? summer squash

  • jihadacadien 7 years ago

    I? hope my lettuce looks like yours

  • Kate Miller 7 years ago

    How do you cut the grass along the edges of the beds? I spend? lots of time strimming edges!

  • laglegur 7 years ago

    Wow! Great? garden!

  • Hybrid5226 7 years ago

    are you? doing a square foot garden this year also?
    can you eat the leaves off a broccolli plant?

  • dylan14570 7 years ago

    Thank you!!!?

  • dylan14570 7 years ago

    Love broccolli!!!?

  • dylan14570 7 years ago

    Thank? you!!

  • chrissysch444 7 years ago

    You have a beautiful? garden! Very inspiring.

  • Bardarians sam 7 years ago

    you can eat the leaves and the root of? the brocoli yum yum

  • centervilletn 7 years ago

    beer in a pie pan…it will be full of dead slugs in? the moring….

  • 19dcs93 7 years ago


  • 19dcs93 7 years ago

    very old way of doing it i do? it to

  • 19dcs93 7 years ago

    really i have been gardening for quite come time now and i have found that it just depends on were you are and the condition of the soil. if you could tell me were? you live i might be able to help.

    just a thought

    o yeah and i do it the old way i have a garden about o 50×50 just love doing it i find it easyer to take care of

  • ketammerahmerah 7 years ago

    i love? yur garden…..

  • dylan14570 7 years ago

    Some of the bush tomatoes (determinent) require 9 squares. It is in the book and you will learn everything I did! You will love it and I am so happy you are starting a? square foot garden!

  • Escagedo3rd 7 years ago

    Awesome? garden, love it!!!!