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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Here are six solid reasons for why you don’t use landscape fabric in the garden. Practical advice from garden author Doug Green. You can get more from Doug at Landscape fabric in the garden is one of those garden practices that I think is highly overrated and completely non-essential in most cases, and downright bad gardening in others. Here’s the deal. When you put landscape fabric in your garden, you immediately stop any soil organic matter from getting to the soil and improving it. You pretty much choke off soil improvement because you can’t replace the organic matter that’s being consumed by the soil processes. The plastic stops the mulch from replenishing it. Landscape fabric installation is recommended by many landscapers on the basis of stopping weeds. What they don’t tell you is that weeds will germinate quite nicely on top of the mulch and if you don’t get them right away, their roots will weave themselves into the fabric making them very hard to pull up. I’ve been asked about putting landscape fabric in the vegetable garden and that, again, is no place for this product. Vegetables depend even more on high organic matter content of the soil and landscape fabric stops that. Note that putting landscape fabric in the garden is not a sustainable gardening practice. So, while landscape fabric installation is beloved of landscapers and designers, it is not good for the soil, doesn’t save much work and isn’t sustainable. And that my friends is what I think about landscape fabric. Video Rating: / 5


  • Some Guy 1 year ago

    I tried to avoid it but the yellowsorrel/oxalis is so out of control I have no choice.

  • Trakehner20 1 year ago

    How about my situation – have land that hasn't been used in 20 yrs, thick pasture grass and weeds. I'd like to create a garden here, so do you think it'd be ok to put down over winter to keep weeds from getting taller, until I till the ground in spring? Then I'd take it off and have a normal garden. This is how I was told to start a garden.

  • Patricia Helton 1 year ago

    I have planted roses should I use the fabric for my roses to keep weed growth out of my Rose garden if not how can I get rid of weeds . I do know to hole the weeds is their a organic way to Eliminate weeds for good ?

  • Fernie Marentette 1 year ago

    I was on the fence whether to use it or not, I know now I won't. Thanks for your great advice!

  • HibsMax 1 year ago

    I have a plot at a community garden and they do not allow the use of mulch – something to do with the long-term effects of adding mulch to the soil every year and depleting nutrition. For that reason I use fabric. It's my first year at the plot, and gardening in general, so I am sure I will learn lots of lessons.

    At home I have smaller containers and a couple of raised beds and I don't use fabric there. Mulch in some places like on my containers.

  • Tammy Gray 1 year ago

    Thank goodness I ran across your video before laying down the weedblock fabric I bought! I will be returning it!

  • Cynthia Perez 1 year ago

    would it be a good choice for pathways? for prevent anything green from growing? with tiny rocks on Top??

  • Roger R 1 year ago

    welp, im convinced.

  • grandma and tamana 1 year ago

    Thank you that was awesome advice.

  • linda1541 1 year ago

    I just used a very sharp knife and cut the landscape fabric out I'll never use it again I couldn't pull the weeds out with that fabric . The weeds and fabric were so entangled it was a nightmare

  • Catherine Craig 1 year ago

    Hello Doug, Thank you for this video. It helped me understand use of the weed control fabric from a different perspective. I just finished weeding an old flower bed for which I want to start a perennial garden, and I was going to use this weed block. I might just save it for a little walkway instead. Thanks again!

  • Leah Regal 1 year ago

    im building a walkway in between two buildings, with no desire for plants, is it ok to use weed cloth in this instant? (below rocks and walking stones?)

  • TheMsLady4Real 1 year ago

    So True! I pulled all my landscape fabric out! Waste of good money and many of my plants weren't thriving and more prone to diseases!

  • Prodigal Sun 1 year ago

    Great advice.. I bought the preen fabric but not for a garden.. thanks.

  • Eric Von Wedel 1 year ago

    Everything said is true, I made the mistake of using it in my landscaping & two years later had to pull it up. Don't use it.

  • Lily Davis 1 year ago

    Thanks, I'm pulling all the landscape fabric from the area we plan to garden. I understand why landscapers use it but often wondered how safe it is especially if you want to do organic gardening. Great video!

  • MEEKS-E 1 year ago

    Other alternatives?

  • juggernaut 1 year ago

    couldn't you just pull the fabric up after a harvest clean it put and put down some nutrients such as compost rock dust etc and then recover it? also I didn't hear you mention if it's a good idea to put down wood chips over the fabric.

  • jjooeegg1 1 year ago

    Good video

  • CONCERTMANchicago 1 year ago

    Landscape fabric tightly tucked around base of trees will inevitably girdle their stems in several years!

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