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  • VeganAthlete 1 year ago

    Watch Me Pollinate the DRAGON FRUIT FLOWER Here:

  • Atlas 1 year ago

    Not a vegan myself, but your videos are pretty entertaining.

  • SuperSamRocks12 1 year ago

    it was born of self incest

  • Yanique Ewart 1 year ago

    that's so beautiful

  • Michael11111993 - 1 year ago

    thats the purple one not red .

  • daisy1339 1 year ago

    You described the texture really well, but I was super excited to hear you describe the taste and you let me down. Could you reply to this comment when you have a moment and tell me, please? I've only ever tried the white flesh variety and I found it kinda bland.
    I live in Las Vegas. Do you think I'd have any luck growing one?

  • dzudvu 1 year ago

    Your dragon fruit needs much more sun, the more sun the better, or else you will get minimum fruit.

  • Najeeb Ali 1 year ago


  • Najeeb Ali 1 year ago

    hello sir can you contact with me

  • joel castro 1 year ago

    i want that fruit, sucks to live in canada.

  • amazing life 1 year ago

    i love watching your videos… i love fruits i love harvesting hope to visit ur garden 🙂

  • kolo 1 year ago

    wtf is this purple
    what the hell :OO
    its alien genmanipulation ahaha

  • Wing N. 1 year ago

    I felt so much joy when you opened the dragon fruit up. It's beautiful, congrats!

  • SolidGoldShows 1 year ago

    I have eaten white and red dragon fruit, but not a purple one. I love the red one so far.

  • Dragon Fruit Garden 1 year ago

    sir that's so delicious 🙂 im so jealous' & your dragon fruit shading style techniques – so nice style, thanks for given me an idea sir 🙂

  • olmos84 1 year ago


  • Simple and Green 1 year ago

    Chubs needs a friend. Get a bunny friend for him.

  • ltdentz 1 year ago

    Lol love the chubs outro. He's so cute looks like a flemmish giant. Do you compost his poops?

  • Lumian 1 year ago

    The cutest rabbit ever!! 🙂

  • Jonathan Kosyjana 1 year ago

    Lookin good man

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