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  • Veronica Rebelle 9 months ago

    You’re in a cult. Call your dad.

  • kairu aname 9 months ago

    I'm a member of the lemonade cult. The proof is that if you are thirsty and drink lemonade it quenches your thirst.
    The ritual thrives!

  • THE ENLARGED YEE 9 months ago

    I catch you pissin
    You gon go missin

  • Aaron Alviano 9 months ago

    for the bazillionth time, delve into the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra, there are soooo many obscurely named characters. pah-leeeeease

  • matta344 9 months ago

    Legend of Krys, but as their Sonic the Hedgehoc OC's

  • SPRITE NADO 9 months ago

    Cacti are alright. But bamboo plants are really where it's at.

  • Mika Leo A. 9 months ago

    Since apparently suggesting things a hundred times will work, i will suggest you draw animal crossing yet again (knock off, drawing villagers youve never heard of, drawing kappn lyrics, whatever you want just animal crossing pls)

    Bonus is that its just been announced for switch, so u have an excuse to do it, as if you need one.

  • the cactus is porfo

  • Mandiness Entertainment 9 months ago

    Would you guys draw product mascots as band members?
    Like Mr. Clean and the Scrubbing Bubbles.

  • Squishy Buddy 9 months ago

    The gauntlet is meant for petting the cactus!

  • vaccuum_boi 9 months ago

    I've recently gotten a £2000 laptop and I spend my time watching this. Definitely the intended use of this

  • GilroyIronheart 9 months ago


  • Piper Palpatine 9 months ago

    Can you draw the most wholesome thing???? 😀

  • Piper Palpatine 9 months ago

    Can we have some drawfee best girls?

    (My drawfee best girl is Willie)

  • mr jeeseeks 9 months ago

    Just draw nice bad people, like hitler just draw nice hitler and his nice army

  • Archambaud DuPoyen 9 months ago

    I can imagine that Dave the Cactus Cultist has a roomba that's just constantly going apeshit as he keeps bringing sand in

  • HeliumSoup 96 9 months ago

    Is the cactus but also worships the cactus?

  • Nicki -Xavier Johnson- 9 months ago

    This should be a magic set in Terraria made of cactus and other Hardmode materials. They already have cactus armour so why not a buffed version of it?

  • Spencer Riddle 9 months ago

    the picture fucking killed me I'm dead

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