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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Sous, Nick, and his wife head out to the UTV World Championships in Laughlin Nevada to meet fans, ride some Arizona desert, and show off the BEAST MODE X3 at contingency! Video Rating: / 5


  • tjspaddy 1 year ago

    I have to stop watching these videos. My CEO delivered some good news to me today and my response was "110 bud". Another good video.

  • Gunslinger Rocks 1 year ago

    That’s enough steak right there to last the whole state of Texas one week…probably. Lol

  • Bear Flag Revolt 1 year ago

    pEEGAw lol dope video but holy shit ALIENS omg

  • Alex MacLean 1 year ago

    What size trailer is that?

  • Mississippi Mud Team 1 year ago

    Y’all need more subs

  • Matthew Gamboa 1 year ago

    Just started watching your vids… Makes me wanna go ride!

  • pse hunter 1 year ago


  • Juan Godinez 1 year ago

    The dairies out here in Cali are like 3 times that size lol

  • Kagen Jessop 1 year ago

    Those are the Air Force testing flares.

  • Philip Foster 1 year ago

    Back during our sand rail days we use to ride the chat piles at Miami, Oklahoma until they closed them down because they were chat piles from the lead mines in that area, those things were 200 to 300 feet high. Now I know why we all are screwed up and are kids are mentally challenged and will probably die at an early age, LOL not really!

  • Silver Fox 1 year ago

    I will never understand these things. More expensive than a wrangler, less capable, less protection, less room, less range, less street legal. What is the point really. It seems you want a fast dessert truck/car, so buy one.

  • grandprismatic 1 year ago

    Decent asf!

  • Mc Luvin 1 year ago

    What it up with sous’s shirt? Wtf, “ducktales”. You know you are gay when you wear a duck tales shirt during YouTube filming. No to a “Meteor Crater”shirt but you willingly wear a ducktales shirt? Did you lose a bet?

  • Len-RRRR-Doe shirts stat! You fellas are hilarious and it's great seeing you lads getting recognition and support. Especially from Polaris. Looking forward to some Turbo S additions to the content.

  • Daniel Davis 1 year ago

    Hahaha Nick rapped "rendering vids on the laptop, gettin head" and had to backpedal quick as hell!! lol @7:57

  • Derek Gagne 1 year ago

    110 giva summ…bucket list=meet up with sxsbloggers n go ripping have some drinks and lose some money with nick.lmao in VAGASSSS

  • Daniel Seashore 1 year ago

    "Swift, good unit" its the little things that make me laugh. Thanks for the upload!

  • Bryan Vazquez 1 year ago

    How big is their trailer

  • T Burger 1 year ago

    Sea of cows…. aka food

  • howard wahlen 1 year ago

    Slow down the hundred ten bud it sounds stupid

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