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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Drought tolerance just got a new standard. BuySod, NG Turf, and SuperSod are pleased to present the game-changing, drought-tolerant Bermudagrass TIFTUF™ for customers in the Southeast. This turfgrass has been observed and tested by the University of Georgia since 1992 and was made available for sale in 2015. Multiple tests against other Bermudagrass varieties have shown that TifTuf is superior in drought tolerance, has early spring green up, stays green later into the fall months, and is traffic tolerant, among other impressive characteristics. This dark-green turfgrass has a fine texture and matches the standard Bermuda, Tifway 419, until there is a drought. As UGA turfgrass researcher Brian Schwartz is about to explain, TifTuf is drought tolerant. “As the drought continued, the moisture in the soil underneath our TifTuf plots remained for longer, and you could see it dramatically on top as the Tifway and TifSport plots became dormant with drought, while the TifTuf plots did not. They remained, and it was a direct correlation to the moisture level in the soil. It was really an exciting kind of discovery because this is a great type of drought tolerance. If it goes brown, that’s ok, but we would like a grass that stays green for longer and can save water, and not just save a little water. Our results found that we could save up to 38% more water than a variety such as Tifway. If you expand that on a city of a state, or even the South, that’s a huge amount of water savings.” TifTuf holds up under traffic or wear and tear better than other typical Bermudagrasses. What exactly does this mean for your home? It means that if you have children and big dogs, TifTuf will […]

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