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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Sand Dunes tend to have a list of plant species all their own, much different from the surrounding landscape. In North central Nevada we see quite an exquisite example of this in the narrow endemic plant species, #Psorothamnus kingii, known only from this region. We discuss the difference between #Paleoendemics and #Neoendemics, while cursing loudly to ourselves about the massive ecological benefit provided by such plants as #Grindelia squarrosa and #Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus, members of the sunflower family that bloom late in the summer when everything else is tapering off. These plants act as a pollinator buffet and support the food chain when little else is available in the form of nectar or pollen. To support more low-brow educational content such as this, consider becoming a patron at : Your contributions enable this material. Donations towards gas money/canned beans always appreciated, you can throw money to the CPBBD GAS/BURRITO fund @ venmo address “societyishell” or PayPal address To purchase stickers, venmo twelve bucks to societyishell and leave your address in the comments. Donations appreciated. To purchase shirts (including the infamous Peyote shirt), hoodies and other CPBBD apparel, please visit the bonfire store at: #Psorothamnus kingii #Dicoria #Lygodesmia Video Rating: / 5


  • joette 2 weeks ago

    where's your stillsuit?

  • Kindafoggy 2 weeks ago

    I often think you need one of Mike Stinnet's "sticks" for your walk-abouts. One that has a little hole designed into it so that you could somehow attach whatever you're filming with and poke it into the ground like a tripod. Then you could be in some of the shots too and you've got something to lean on when scaling rough terrain (okay, in 20 years you'll know what I mean). Besides which, he's got much the same eye for tiny details and shares your appreciation of little things in nature I think. And they're very special sticks and you're very special!

  • ky uhhl 2 weeks ago

    every crime pays vid: trichomes and asteraceae

  • Scott Strong 2 weeks ago

    This guy is the AvE of Botany.

  • Peter Finch 2 weeks ago

    Wierd-ass bugs an' shit, awright jackass? . com

  • Pet Rock 2 weeks ago

    you missed an opportunity to sing smoke on the water man

  • Rebekah Bailie 2 weeks ago

    Listened to this camping on a hillside Permaculture course in UK – don't know who my course mates thought I had in the tent.

  • Andrew Frostman 2 weeks ago

    Nice video, hot balls. You should get that checked out.

  • therugburnz 2 weeks ago

    RUOK man? Yooz tawkin wayz more nutsbwallz than you wuz !yesterweek.
    Just making some fun. It is mostly about your education being way beyond mine yet sounding not like my uncool, uninteresting, boring & wicked smart biology instructor.
    Are you sure you aren't(weren't) just possiblymaybe, kindasorta just a tiny wee little bit dehydrated. I'm just sayin' because it is hot and dry in that area !

  • Henry Jarnigan 2 weeks ago

    I wish this guy could come out to my familial land in texas and explain the plants and shit around there too

  • Brian Tyson 2 weeks ago

    Now I have seen where Iggy would lay his heart.

  • Jennifer Hryciuk 2 weeks ago

    People definitely overheard me listening to this

  • Browneyed Otter 2 weeks ago

    I liked the vid right after that weird piss joke lol

  • The Savage Wombat 2 weeks ago

    Reminds me of Chevy Chase wandering through the desert in Vacation.

  • Dan Drangus 2 weeks ago

    I learned that the ass rash plant looks like someone blew their load on it.

  • Nickolas Schwab 2 weeks ago

    How do you guys deal with destruction of the natural world? I’m feeling really down about it.

  • kushviper 2 weeks ago

    I called 1800 ASS RASH but they just wanted to sell me gay phone sex…

  • Lignow 1 week ago

    Good video Thanks. Entertaining and Knowledgeable

  • DrFriend 1 week ago

    Little bean? Little bean. Tiny little bean.

  • SwayBack 1 week ago

    I got more notification for this!
    Fuck you YouTube

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