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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Early morning ride through the Nevada/Arizona desert on a Harley with Go Pro camera on the helmet. Video Rating: / 5 This is an example of a simple desert survival kit.


  • Matthew Carroll 4 years ago

    Beautiful country

  • Chris Wright 4 years ago

    How's the wifi tho?

  • Steve Tipps 4 years ago

    and what is the total weight of your survival bag ?

  • Scotty Clark 4 years ago

    I was always told carry either 1 or three compass's.. If you have two, which is right??  Just a thought.

  • Shani Evans 4 years ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing?  Do you have a link to purchase the backpack? 

  • Rob Lewis 4 years ago

    THIS IS """NOT""" A DESERT SURVIVAL VIDEO.   IT IS A LUXURY SURVIVAL VIDEO…  WHAT A JOKE!  Like going camping in a $150,000 motorhome…

  • Rob Lewis 4 years ago

    I would fucking LOVE for any of you to start off with "Nothing" but a backpack & a quart of water.

  • HaloofCurls 4 years ago

    Re: the epi pen, you can (if possible) take Benedryl and then use the epi pen- by the time the epi-pen wears off the Benedryl should have kicked in.  Learned that in wilderness first aid.  Also our instructor was nuts about Crazy Creek Chairs.  In a pinch you can use one as a splint for an arm or a leg, during training we even snapped together several of them to carry an injured person.

  • WOLF LAUGHTER 4 years ago

    NiCe info bro ^_^

  • Cesar franco 4 years ago

    Desertsurvivalist where would you recommend a good place to buy cheap yet good equipment for a young prepper 🙂

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    Yes it is, I have a second part to this video, and several others on this subject

  • Lesigh 4 years ago

    Want to survive in a desert environment? Always pack extra water in your vehicle, on your bike, your person, etc. People go for a day hike with one liter in the desert, which is WAY to little

  • Phillip Delaney 4 years ago

    i live in utah and went through my survival pack and saw fishing stuff and realized that i most likely would never need anything like that. so i came here to focus on some good survival tools for my situation. it helped a lot, thank you!

  • JB85128 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply. I have heard good and bad about the snake bite kits, but hopefully I will never need to try mine. I have encountered many snakes and other critters and so far I have been lucky. I usually give them plenty of space when I am out exploring, but at my property they always face my 12 gauge because I do not want my animals to be bitten.

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    Not sure, I know they are not venomous and I have heard of people eating them but I never have. Really I dont know that much about them.

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    I think they are decent little rifles to be honest. I had one back in the late 90's and it I really liked it. The "snake bite kits" do not work. They can offer a little aid for bees, wasps, and scorpions but for snakes it has been proven that they are noneffective as any kind of aid. I did a video talking about treating snake bites while in the field. I have been handling venomous reptiles for close to 20 years now. I used to carry a snake bite kit till I found out exactly why they dont work

  • JB85128 4 years ago

    Good video and lots of good comments. People have mentioned taking guns, what are your thoughts on the .22 survival rifles that break down and store in the stock? I would also recommend a bite and sting kit so you could remove venom from bites and stings. I would also prefer to take the wool blanket with me all the time simply because if you need to sleep on the ground it can be quite uncomfortable without and cushioning.

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    "These are known chemically as a substance that becomes an ion or salt in a solution like water. These allow the electrical impulses to be easily passed between cell membranes and help the flow of electricity across muscles and other organs". Roughly quoted from Survival in the Southwest Book 4

  • Nacho Cheese 4 years ago

    Hello Sir, can you please explain to me what an "electrolite/lyte" is?

  • speyburn10 4 years ago

    Thanks. I appreciate the video, but living here in AZ, I know that a 30% focus on water will kill you. All your gear will be left in the sand for the next camper. Try focusing on desert survival.

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    It can be done but know the cactus and dont do it in the colder times of the year. They can in fact lower your core body temp.

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