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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Have you noticed these beautiful purple blooming shrubs around the valley lately? My name is Eli Hall with AMS Landscaping and this video blog is about the Texas Sage bush (Leucophyllus frutescens). The rain we recently had on July 12th and humidity afterward has caused all the great blooms we are seeing now. These shrubs are a thick dense bush that grows about 4-6 feet in diameter and up to 3-6 feet tall depending on how frequently they are trimmed. How do you like your shrubs? Here is a great example of a Texas Sage bush allowed to grow natural and another that is hedged. Give AMS Landscaping a call at 602-944-0421 Posted by AMS Landscaping on Friday, 24 February 2012 They have tiny green to grayish leaves and mostly small purple blooms but some variety have white or pink. They bloom from Summer through Fall and are thornless with a very light leaf shed throughout the year which makes this a great shrub for near swimming pools. These shrubs grow best in full sun and are very hardy to resist frost in the winter months and can take excessive heat in the Summer as well. Texas Sage like a lot of water but thrive with the normal watering schedule with other plants on your home drip system. Water Recommendation Maintenance is easy if there is room for these plants to grow. We recommend just grow more natural and cutting them all the way back just before the Spring time (January or February). These can be cut down to the ground every few years or you can hedge them like in this video to keep a manicured shape. However, if they start blooming after the moist weather we recommend leaving them to bloom […]


  • Eric Grant 1 year ago

    Can this survive a hard pruning in Florida? Mine are getting pretty "leggy."

  • Rodolfo Santiago 1 year ago

    Also good for excesive sudoration, to help in the menopausia sintoms is a very efective antibacterial just drink three cups of tea.

  • Rodolfo Santiago 1 year ago

    Hi! You know this plant were I live is call cenizo….in tea is good for bronquios…and is good also to boild it and place it in your bathtube and take a shower with this warm water if you sre getting a cold or depress.

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