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Desert landscaping




  • otto skorzeny 4 years ago

    my neighbor has these- they look so hillbilly compared to a nice, deep dug edge

  • K Marshall 4 years ago

    Love the video so I want to do something similar except with no edger the stones will be following concrete walk path. will the stability of the stones in the concrete still be good?

  • Earl Smith 4 years ago

    That looks good, and was very helpful, my front yard has deteriorated in the last year and I definitely need a makeover, Ty for the video

  • Cynthia Castaneda 4 years ago

    what an awesome amazing easy way to so this. thank you so very much fr the vid.

  • Paulafekken Lamichigan 4 years ago

    Does this hold up well after a hard winter?

  • Dan Branigund 4 years ago

    this is also very helpful when TRIMMING the grass around the mulch, I did a small part of my front yard and I Love it. the blocks looks great and are a natural barried between the grass and mulch. I HATE when grass gets in the mulch _…. Thanks again!

  • Kim Mad 4 years ago

    How much concrete per feet do you use on average? We are for a 30 feet border. Thank you! We have to watch all your videos now….

  • Helly Texas 4 years ago

    I am going to try this. I will keep you posted and send you any questions I may have. Is there a way to send you before and after photos?

  • gmarquezjr1 4 years ago

    Thank you for uploading this video! For a while now I been trying to find a way to create a plant/flower bed in my back yard and your video here has giving me the idea to make my job easy! My only question to you is, what type of concrete did you use? Again, thank you so much for this great video!



  • Keith D'Antonio 4 years ago


  • Ken Barton 4 years ago

    How much do you charge per foot to install metal edging

  • Ken Barton 4 years ago

    How much do you charge per foot to install metal edging

  • Frank Sierra 4 years ago

    how has your boarder holding up? any issues?

  • Jonathan Gordon 4 years ago

    Thank you for this very helpful video. I just tore out the unsightly grass/weeds and am almost prepared to begin building this border. However, my fear is that the concrete will crack. I tilled the entire front yard, which was primarily hard clay, and the soil is a little loose now. I don't want the concrete to crack. Should I just compact the soil by hand?

  • saintsdancenrome 4 years ago

    Wonderful job! The front of my house looks very similar so I really appreciate this video!

  • pudyredjr 4 years ago

    I truly appreciate the video. Went to Lowe's & Home Depot but couldn't find the extra metal spikes. Any ideas where to purchase them? All they have is pastic ones.

  • Cristina Nieto-Quirino 4 years ago

    Hi Maxpatch67 🙂 Thank you kindly for sharing your talent and expertise with us folks. I am much obliged and love it too how you unselfishly answer people who have questions. As to my inquiry, may I know what kind of block you used for the retaining wall? It would match so well with the rocks I had just purchased so I just have to throw out that question to ya. And if ya don't mind me asking you another question, would I be able to redo my old garden by just covering the old sod with cardboard and mulch as you had mentioned below? It would make life so much easier if so. Once again, thank you kindly, sir and may God give ya more great ideas! :)

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