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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today’s vlog is all about getting your landscaping and flower beds in order around the house. I’ll how you how easy it is to install metal edging around your garden or flower beds and give you some quick landscaping ideas..hope you enjoy!! NEED A NEW SHIRT FOR WORKING IN THE GARDEN??? STONEY RIDGE FARMER SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!! “I SUPPORT VETERAN FARMERS”: 0 PICKUP SHIRT: CHECK OUT THE STONEY RIDGE FARMER AMAZON STORE (STUFF WE USE AND TRUST ON THE FARM) Links for Tools and Products used in the vlog: Best Watch I’ve ever owned: Oakley Gas Can Sunglasses: DJI Mavic PRO Drone: Sony 4k Handycam: Go PRo Hero 4 (4k video): SUBSCRIBE LINK!!! Video Rating: / 5 THANK FOR WATCHING! 👍 If you like our video don’t forget to press the button “Subscribe ❤️” and “Like 👍” !! 👍 Subscribe and View more here: =============================================== Your garden is an extension of your home and in the summer can become an extra room (or two depending on the size). Planning improvements and landscaping to your garden (be it front, back or both) can be a great DIY project and can even improve the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of it. There are certain elements you must always keep in mind if you are considering some landscaping ideas. Namely; cost and whether you can do it yourself to a high enough standard, maintenance, practical features and how it will align with your lifestyle, planting, light and ensuring you have a good focal point. *More Videos: #Backyard #Landscaping #garden #outdoor #deck #plans #patio #diygarden #diyoutdoor #homegarden. Hope everyone likes it and welcome all comments. Google Plus:… Twitter: Facebook:… ====================== […]


  • THE WEISS 8 months ago

    Thanks a lot for this video!

  • God Flow 8 months ago

    Great Work!!!

  • God Flow 8 months ago

    Wow Sir That Was Beautiful And Awesome

  • thetruth 8 months ago

    Stop talking and get started don't say it just do it ! And after all that you don't put a link where to buy metal edger?? What a total waste of time!!!

  • Mike Gorka 8 months ago

    Where can you buy this material

  • Mark Jackson 8 months ago

    Oh, yes I am doing a rock bed next to my lawn and I have purchased the metal edging .

  • Mark Jackson 8 months ago

    I really like this guy ! Nice attitude !!

  • Aimee43 8 months ago

    What brand is this??

  • Shoreasiamensis Shoreasiamensis 8 months ago

    Thanks for your video.. Show us after you added the flowers in there..

  • Jose Cruz 8 months ago

    Is that good for a hill?

  • Crackerjack 8 months ago

    Quit talking so much and do it!

  • Nathan Foltz 8 months ago

    What brand is this metal edging?

  • Lao Han Tun 8 months ago

    Oh yeah….gonna be lovely…..

  • Hillary Lies 8 months ago

    What a great video 🙂 thank you for not swearing at all, we greatly appreciate it and your kindness.

  • Local Landscaping & Lawncare Ramos 8 months ago

    Great job Sir.

  • Amy Elliott Centralcoastchica 8 months ago

    Looking great.. very educational.. Every time you said tap it the movie happy Gilmore came to mind when he was talking to the golf ball..

  • allthings nu 8 months ago

    I was just outside in my yard trying to put this edging down for the first time and decided to come in and watch a video to make sure I was doing it right! I'm so glad I did because it was trying to pound it into the ground without snapping off those stakes! Thanks so much for the video. You're a fun guy to learn from :). Keep on making videos and watch out for those turds!

  • Aidah Abd Ghani 8 months ago

    Beautiful garden.

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