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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote These Easy Mini Apple Hand Pies are as delicious as they are charming – a perfect choice for any day of the week, holiday, or function. Your family and friends are going to love them. The golden flaky pie crust combined with a juicy apple filling is a crowd-pleaser, not to mention how cute they look. You can even eat a whole pie (or two) without feeling guilty:) It doesn’t take long before the apple cinnamon scent goes wafting through my house, and I have a kitchen full of hungry visitors. Try this Plant-Based and Vegan Recipe Below! Mini Apple Hand Pie Recipe: ______________________________ 0:00 Introduction 0:22 Making the Pie Crust 1:36 Making the Filling 2:01 Planting Fruit Trees 2:36 Making the Filling 3:47 Assembling the Hand Pies 5:09 Thank you! Subscribe to My Channel: Watch Last Week’s Video: Visit My Website for lots of Recipes: Subscribe to My Channel: Follow Me: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Hi, I’m Ani, a plant-based Chef. I am a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC. If you are interested in delicious and wholesome food, cooked in a simple and easy way, subscribe to my channel, and we will have fun exploring the world of healthy gourmet cooking. Video Rating: / 5


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  • Nuel Reynanda 1 month ago

    5 stars

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  • picturesti ART 1 month ago

    this is the exact type of vids i like

  • SCREENPLAYHOUSE 1 month ago

    Chef Ani — I tried these but with a dangerous change of plans: I used Krusteaz All Purpose Gluten Free Flour. (Wifey won't touch'em if gluten present.) I did not get the flour to clump at all until I added almost 3 times the water. They came out okay-ish but I'm wondering if you have a gluten free dough recipe you'd recommend. Or will it just not work for this? THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME and CHARMING.

  • BRIAN 1 month ago

    Looks amazing! We just bought a peck and a half of apples! Already made applesauce and caramel apple jam!

  • SCREENPLAYHOUSE 1 month ago

    Chef Ani. I do your breakfast sausages for my vegan wife and she LOVES them. But I have to tell you something weird. I don't bake desserts even though 2 weeks ago I said I wanted to learn. And I wanted to learn how to make apple pies… but I said out loud, "I'd really like to learn how to small small little apple pies… like those Hostess hand held ones. And here you are DOING it. Can't wait to try your recipe!

  • Xymo Nau 1 month ago

    And there is no link to your page.

  • Xymo Nau 1 month ago

    Cloves are an amazing flavour to add to apples, particularly Granny Smiths.

  • Sanda Neimane 1 month ago

    Thank you chef Ani! We will make them today!

  • Cristina Butunoi 1 month ago

    Can you use also the metric system? It would help a lot!

  • Karen DeLozier 1 month ago

    Looks amazing! We love apple pie! Can’t wait to try your recipe. Using maple syrup with the apples sounds sooo good!

  • hairea54 1 month ago

    I’m excited!!!! To make mine!! With hot cider by a fireplace!!!!!!

  • ChulyYT 1 month ago

    Extremely interesting

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    ok ok

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