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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote 1 Cactus challenge is easy, lets try eating 3 different types of cacti… THIS CAN’T END WELL! Subscribe for more madness ► ● Twitter: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● Snapchat: killemftw Click the CC button for subtitles if you’re hard of hearing, or can’t understand what I’m saying! Thank you for watching! Please comment, thumbs up, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your family and let everyone know about me, Kill’em FTW! STAY AWESOME! —– WARNING This video showcases stunts performed by Kill’em FTW that should not be attempted or recreated by anybody else. All safety precautions have been taken before and during the challenge, also medical help is at hand throughout the entire recording of the video. COPYRIGHT You may only use this video for your viewing purposes only. Other uses such as copying or modifying any part of the content are strictly prohibited unless authorized by Kill’em FTW himself. Video Rating: / 5


  • John Johnston 1 year ago

    I'm scared to bite an ice lolly. tf.

  • Varázskrumpli 1 year ago

    wtffff! WHY :D

  • Atzy Sonjbob 1 year ago

    them orgasm noises though!!!

  • Andrew Mcginty 1 year ago

    his videos are funny but his retarded voice is constant. come on your frying all our brains

  • Jesus Raya 1 year ago


  • Lozzalia hop 1 year ago

    O_O I just made a cacti garden with this type of cacti and now I'm feeling sorry for the cacti you ate. I named mine so I have an attachment to them.

  • Kaleah Wiley 1 year ago

    U can die with all the stuff your doing

  • Flavio Varela 1 year ago

    Congrats bro

  • Nancy Sierra 1 year ago

    how i end up here i was watching undertale

  • TheXlcontrolzz 1 year ago

    whats wrong with your eyes their always squinted

  • WeinmasterB 1 year ago

    No offense man, but REALLY hate your intro's!!!! Reminds me of Adam Sandler and his annoying as fuck stupid ass voice he tries to do ALL the time! It's not you, just reminds me of a stupid voice that pretty much made Adam famous

  • WASPfreak 1 year ago

    The first five minutes is complete bullshit.

  • slow learner gaming 1 year ago

    this dude looks like the farmer from chicken run

  • DarkPoisonWolf 1 year ago

    Did you get a refund and say I sent this outside my garden the other day and woke up to a chunk out of them?

  • Friend Or Not 1 year ago

    Is it me or did you drop somethings at 1:38

  • Cash 123HD 1 year ago

    It dint look that bad

  • Cash 123HD 1 year ago

    Oh and did that hurt

  • Cash 123HD 1 year ago

    The dark green

  • Tyrone Jones 1 year ago


  • brittney jones 1 year ago

    Anyone else thinks hes really hot lol oh yeah and ouch

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