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  • 1BlazinEagle1 4 years ago

    matt you legend you look mullered in this video

  • Ice Mjau 4 years ago

    Heard from LA beast the chewing gum helps to get the spikes out!

  • krazy Kid 4 years ago

    What is matts Chanel's name

  • PiGsTas 4 years ago

    holy shit man hope you ok I tryed a bit of a reaper yesterday it was insane it burns the next day when you sweat it burns when u poo it burns also

  • Kiersten Knotts 4 years ago

    This was painful to watch. mad respect to Matt on this one.

  • TheGuyWhoGame 777 4 years ago

    holy sh*t! get matt to the hospital, he turned into a tomato.

  • Danielle Simon 4 years ago

    Damn. I hate seeing him in pain like thatttt.

  • tyler jopen 4 years ago

    That is a fucking MAN right there son! "Got cactus spikes covered in the worlds hottest chili powder lodged in your throat? Better wash it down with some fucking alcohol!"

  • quelin1 4 years ago

    Now the only challenge remaining is a hotpepper powder cactus lightsaber duel. Like yalls awesome lightsaber/thumbtack battle, but with cacti and reaper powder.

    Also, I hope you dont perforate your bowels.

  • hamish beveridge 4 years ago

    Matt looks like he has drunk 17 bottles of vodka

  • shivyram 4 years ago

    oh shit, you should have zoomed on the cactus in the original video. thats fucked.

  • Tashtgamingboss Beast 4 years ago

    If this comment gets 100 likes I'll dye my hair red

  • Nick K 4 years ago

    Matt did you record the after after math of shitting it out

  • d D3VO b 4 years ago

    Do you feel spines when you shit?

  • Jamir Benjamin 4 years ago

    is seen it whoaa

  • alextheboss14 4 years ago

    10 times more respect for Matt that's fucking intense

  • Purplelad98 4 years ago

    I wish you guys would stop doing insane challenges like these, you are pushing yourselves too far :(

  • Niklas Johansson (Exenom) 4 years ago

    Big payday for matt? Or u guys split it 4 ways every vid no matter who does what?

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